7 Colorful Outdoor Dishes For Summer (That Aren’t Paper Or Plastic)

by Glenn Maxwell

The Multiple-use Dishes You’ll Need For Summer time Adventures

Once we transfer to summer time, you’ll find us taking in the sun’s rays all season lengthy! We have the most popular baskets and blankets to savor that warm sunset dinner or summertime lunch. All we want now’s outside dishes.

Even though many disposable plates could be recycled or are biodegradable, we prefer to purchase multiple-use dishes you can use repeatedly. These brands offer colorful plates, functional containers, and artisan trays for each type of outside feast. Most are created using renewable bamboo or durable enamel, so they’re certain to last, too, summer time after summer time!

1. Stojo

  • Perfect For Soups, salads, & beverages
  • Produced From LFGB-certified silicone, BPA- & BPS-free lid, recyclable ring & clasps
  • Range Of Products Bowl, bottle, cup
  • Cost Range $12-$25

For whenever we’re on the run-go, we use Stojo (see what we should did there?). One of the main brands in collapsible drinkware and containers, Stojo uses food-grade silicone and durable covers, clasps, and rings to help keep things secure. You are able to get just one cup, bottle, or the most popular, the Stojo bowl which holds an astonishing 36 oz. of food. It’s stacking, collapsible, and obtainable in six different colors-ideal for that summer time camping trip!



  • Perfect For Artisan plates & bowls
  • Produced From Turkish enamel
  • Range Of Products Plates, bowls, baking dishes, mugs & tumblers, jars
  • Cost Range €11-€34.50

Launched by two siblings in 2015, BORNN is among our favorites for innovative enamelware. This Turkish brand works together with artisans in Istanbul using traditional strategies to create vibrant and bold dinnerware-from Jackson Pollock-style dishes to marbled trays. BORNN ships its hand crafted goods worldwide, so that you can fill up and steer clear of paper and plastic plates altogether.


3. Fable New You are able to

  • Perfect For Bamboo sets
  • Produced From Bamboo, non-GMO corn, BPA-free melamine
  • Range Of Products Teams of bowls, plates, & tumblers, four-piece & 16-piece sets
  • Cost Range $32-$148

Fable New You are able to leverages the quickest growing plant on the planet-bamboo-its its sustainable dinnerware. Instead of plastic cups and plates, the company offers multiple-use four-piece and 16-piece takes hold soft pastel hues. And because they are dishwasher-safe, perfect for no-mess picnics. Sustainable, safe, and straightforward!

SHOP FABLE NEW You are able to

4. Kapka

  • Perfect For Artisan-made trays & plates
  • Produced From Lead-free Turkish enamel
  • Range Of Products Plates, bowls, serving & meze plates, mugs & tumblers, jars, pans
  • Cost Range €7.50-€35

In the beach towards the backyard, we love Kapka’s enamel dishes, trays, and plates. Each is individually hand crafted by artisans using sturdy enamel and non-toxic paints, so it’s 100 % recyclable and safe for the entire family. You will find gorgeous vintage, floral, and colorful collections for everyone’s style. On top of that, worldwide shipping can be obtained.


5. Ekobo

  • Perfect For Child-friendly sets
  • Produced From Natural & recycled bamboo, melamine binder
  • Range Of Products Plates, bowls, cups, trays, utensils, sets
  • Cost Range $23-$70

France-based Ekobo is our go-to for warm and friendly, affordable, and sustainable dishes and plates. Ekobo transforms renewable bamboo into superbly functional pieces, like appetizer serving sets, baby feeding sets, and recycled bamboo picnic sets. So anything you requirement for your outside feasts, you’ll think it is here. The pieces are extremely stunning, they might replace our regular kitchenware…


6. Favor

  • Perfect For Camping mugs
  • Produced From Varies by ceramicist or artisan
  • Range Of Products Plates, bowls, trays, mugs & tumblers, spoon rests, sets
  • Cost Range $7-$220

Favor is definitely an online marketplace getting together artisan designs and goods from around the world, from jewellery by decor to dinnerware. Its curated assortment of dinnerware is expansive and includes from camping mugs to unique bamboo sets for children. It’s our one-stop look for all kinds of outside occasion because we’re certainly in support of lengthy-lasting dishes. Shipping presently open to the contiguous US and Canada.


7. Etsy

  • Perfect For Vintage plates
  • Produced From Varies
  • Range Of Products Plates, bowls, trays, cups, mugs & tumblers, utensils, sets
  • Cost Range Varies

For OG enamel dishes, Etsy has sustainable and vintage styles in abundance. We’re big on the cool designs, affordable prices, and full set options, such as this multi-color set from No Requirement For New or these divided camping dishes from Check Engine Vintage. Bear in mind that many vintage vendors only stock a couple of sets at any given time, so act rapidly if you are interested! Like a certified B Corp, Etsy offers carbon-neutral shipping, even on global orders.


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