Planning To Buy A Kadhai? Here’s What You Need To Know!

by Carter Toni

A kadhai is the most important cookware for preparing different types of food. It can also be used for stir-frying and deep-frying food. Most people use this multipurpose cooking vessel to prepare gravies and other foods. The large surface and thick base make it easy for cooking all types of food. Food does not stick to the kadhai during cooking. The market offers a wide variety of kadhai models and types. You can choose the best kadhai based on your cooking needs. Purchasing the right kadhai for cooking is not easy. You must consider certain factors when buying a kadhai for your kitchen. Here is a detailed guide to help you buy the right kadhai for easy cooking. 

Factors To Look For When Buying A Kadhai

When choosing a kadhai, keep the following things in mind: 


Kadhais come in various materials. The choice of material for your kadhai is important. Choose a material that is easy to maintain. Budget is also a vital constraint that influences the type of material in your kadhai. Some of the common types of kadhais widely used are:

Cast Iron: This kadhai is made up of both iron and carbon. It is an affordable option and easy to use. Cast iron kadhais are quite heavy. Rust develops on the cast iron kadhai when it is left unused for a long time. It must be seasoned well before use.

Stainless Steel: This is a popular material for kadhais seen in most kitchens. It can be used both on stove-top and induction cooktops. It is easy to clean a stainless steel kadhai. Heat distributes equally when you cook on this type of kadhai. This quickens your cooking and reduces fuel consumption. Cooking in a stainless steel kadhai retains the nutrition of your cooked food. One of the important features of a stainless steel kadhai is corrosion resistance.

Aluminum: This is a common type of kadhai material used for cooking. It is mainly used for deep frying. It is a cheap material. Thus, it is an affordable choice when buying kadhais.

Non-Stick: It is a hard anodized material with a non-stick coating on the surface. Food does not stick during cooking. You can cook with very little oil in this type of kadhai. It is a comfortable choice for cooking all types of food.

Carbon Steel: This type of kadhai is used for stir-frying food.

Earthern: This is a traditional type of kadhai that is used for preparing authentic dishes. It is hard to handle and maintain an earthen pot


Size plays an important role when buying a kadhai for cooking. The size of your family or the number of people you cook food for is taken into consideration when deciding the size of a kadhai. The size of kadhais is measured in terms of litres and centimetres.


The type of cooking determines the thickness of your kadhai. For deep frying, you need a thick kadhai, and for general use, a thin kadhai does the job. A thick kadhai does not burn the food when cooking.

How To Choose The Best Kadhai?

The best kadhai must possess the following features:

Durable: Make sure your kadhai is highly durable. Check if the handles are sturdy. This makes it the best kadhai.

Non-Reactive: Choose a kadhai that is non-reactive when you cook. Cast iron and aluminum in kadhais react with your food during cooking.

Versatile: Pick a kadhai that can be used for all types of dishes. Versatile cookware is much needed in every kitchen.

Easy to Use: Go for kadhai types that are easy to handle. This makes cooking hassle-free.

Maintenance-free: Always invest in kadhais that are easy to maintain. This makes it easy to clean the kadhais regularly without strain.

It can be an exciting and rewarding experience to purchase a kadhai. You can find a high-quality kadhai that will last for many years if you do the proper research. Before making a purchase decision, take into account your needs and spending limit. Make sure to read reviews of various models to find out what other people think of the item. To ensure that your new kadhai lasts longer, read up on how to properly care for it.

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