9 Standout Podcasts Hosted By Women For Women!

by Glenn Maxwell

Women’s Podcasts We Like

Whether we’re commuting or using our local park, we love podcasts for the daily dose of inspiration, insight, and humor. We particularly love podcasts located by ladies and for ladies around the topics best to the lives. Below there is also a selection of nine incredible shows located by inspiring women leaders. Each podcast differs in approach so they cover a number of topics, offering something for everybody.

For more podcasts, take a look at the most popular women’s health podcasts. ??

1. The Broad Experience

  • Listen For Thoughtful discussions about women at work
  • Begin With Sixtyish and Loving It
  • Where You Can Stay Tuned iTunes, SoundCloud, Acast

British-American journalist Ashley Milne-Tyte explores glass ceilings and ladies at work in her own award-winning podcast. The show is known as following the decades-old slang term for “lady” in US British in an effort to reclaim the term-and it is doing exactly that. Stay tuned for insightful interviews and galvanizing dialogue about women at work.

Reviews “Ashley’s newspaper tenacity delivers off-beat and different tales that intrigue and excite! This isn’t another dull career advice podcast. Each episode is believed-provoking and galvanizing!” – Amber B, iTunes Review


2. The Michelle Obama Podcast

  • Listen For Informative & educational insight on community
  • Begin With What Your Mom Never Said About Health
  • Where You Can Stay Tuned Spotify, iTunes

While no more being produced, we like the archives of former first lady Michelle Obama’s podcast. Expect episodes together with her husband Barack and brother Craig, as well as shows focused on menopause, the U . s . State’s reckoning with race, and, obviously, how Obama navigated her years within the White-colored House.

Reviews “The conversations…are fun and lively, in a manner that can seem to be unpredicted for an individual with this much celebrity. More crucially, they’re effortlessly fluid in balancing the private and also the political, in the manner that the most effective orators and interlocutors are. Quite simply, this really is political communication in the greatest level…” – Vulture


3. Call Your Girlfriend

  • Listen For Newsworthy discussions having a feminist perspective between BFFs
  • Begin With Limitations
  • Where You Can Stay Tuned iTunes, Stitcher, Acast

This podcast is for all those lengthy-distance BFFs available. Located by Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman, the 2 buddies call one another weekly to go over buzzworthy popular culture and political topics. Their sharp wit, playful humor, and heartwarming rapport instantly pull you to their conversation-and prove you are able to stay close even if you don’t live close.

Reviews “[This show is] an incredible mixture of funny conversations, heart to hearts, and informative interviews. Ann and Aminatou are lovely, effective, and grounded. They’ve trained me to actually cherish my female friendships.” – Carleigh N., iTunes Review


4. hey, girl.

  • Listen For Candid storytelling from phenomenal women
  • Begin With AmyAnn on Being Valuable
  • Where You Can Stay Tuned iTunes, TuneIn, Podbean

Author Alex Elle produced hey, girl. to embrace sisterhood and tell tales. Since its launch, she’s asked the ladies who inspire her to possess intimate conversations, including illustrators, Ayurvedic chefs, Olympic fencers, and also the Good Trade’s own co-founder, AmyAnn! Listen for discussions on from reproductive health and civil legal rights to collective grief and ancestral guidance.

Reviews “I’ve completely enjoyed every discussion that I’ve took in to, all of them leave me feeling inspired and nourished.” – Caroline Kelley, iTunes

Pay Attention To HEY, GIRL.

5. Black Girl in Om

  • Listen For Wellness-based conversations for Black ladies and women of color
  • Begin With Creating Space To Live In Outdoors The White-colored Gaze
  • Where You Can Stay Tuned iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify

Within this podcast, founder and host Lauren Ash sits with visitors from various industries to speak about everything self-care and self-passion for Black ladies and women of color. Listen for discussions with Rachel Cargle, Erica Chidi-Cohen, Kenesha Sneed, and much more about sexual liberation, the significance of an assistance system, and the way to create space for abundance.

Reviews “These conversations are deep and important… and also the energy that they are held is amazingly adding nourishment to!” – Amanda L, iTunes Review

Pay Attention To BLACK GIRL IN OM

6. Existence, I Swear

  • Listen For Tales, insights, and glare from Black women
  • Begin With Resistance In Blossom
  • Where You Can Stay Tuned iTunes, Spotify

Within this podcast, Chloe Dulce Louvouezo interviews Black ladies and centers their personal tales that provide universal insight. Listen for vulnerable glare from Black women about trials within their lives which have helped them heal, connect, and process.

Reviews “I am so grateful with this platform. I’ve learned a great deal from all these episodes. What’s been most refreshing may be the transparency, vulnerability and honesty in all these conversations. An area where Black women could be honest, share and become vulnerable with one another is really a breath of outdoors.” – Rai M, iTunes Review

Pay Attention To Existence, I SWEAR

7. Stuff Mother Never Said

  • Listen For Research-driven exploration about women-related topics and questions
  • Begin With Black Swan & The Horror of Perfectionism
  • Where You Can Stay Tuned iTunes, Stitcher

Introduced to listeners through the How Stuff Works team, this podcast seeks to reply to everyday curiosities about as being a lady. Also it embraces the “taboo” topics, too-like at-home abortions and sexual satisfaction. For solutions to questions you had been never in a position to ask mother, here’s your go-to listening experience.

Reviews “…Each episode is really a friendly and factual study of a topical gender issue plus they welcome everybody to pay attention and have fun playing the discussion.” – Michelle Chowning, The Peachy Pixel

Pay Attention To STUFF Mother NEVER Said

8. The Twelfth House

  • Listen For Conversations about everything which go unseen within the wellness world
  • Begin With Conscious Investing, Team Development, and VC Funding with AmyAnn Cadwell
  • Where You Can Stay Tuned iTunes, Spotify

Introduced to listeners by Holisticism, this podcast sheds light around the unseen facets of wellness, intuitive business, and spirituality. Located by Michelle Pellizzon, it offers interviews with special visitors and sources to assist women (and extremely everybody!) interact with their most intuitive and magical selves.

Reviews “The only podcast I understand in which the conversation effortlessly weaves together skincare, European witch hunts, an upswing of patriarchal capitalism, and practical business advice for ladies.” – Stephanie R., iTunes Review


9. Unf*ck Your Mind

  • Listen For If you’ve ever felt unqualified despite your accomplishments and success
  • Begin With Unlearning The Patriarchy
  • Where You Can Stay Tuned iTunes, Spotify

This podcast is perfect for anybody battling with anxiety, self-doubt, and imposter syndrome. Specifically for ladies who have accomplished a great deal professionally, we very often have a problem with an interior critic that informs us we’re unqualified. This podcast is about unf*cking your mind from all of these patriarchal narratives and much more.

Reviews “I’ve been hearing Kara’s podcast for several years. She’s so wise and explains things in a manner that feel relevant and reachable.” – Mary J., iTunes Review

Pay Attention To UNF*CK Your Mind

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