Recruithire – An Overview Of Applicant Tracking Systems!

by Glenn Maxwell

An application tracking system helps in the organization of candidates for hiring and recruitment. Businesses can use these systems to collect data based on their experience, and screen candidates. While these systems are great for storing candidate data, the best applicant tracking software can also track all candidate communications. This makes it simple to search and filter resumes and other candidate data and ensures that employers hire the best people for the job. Many people get confused regarding this system and how it works. So, we’ve compiled this guide to help you know everything about this unique tracking system.

What Exactly Is An Applicant Tracking System?

 An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a software tool that allows for the electronic and automatic processing of different recruitment demands. Because many vacant positions attract many people who lack the required qualifications. This saves time to be spent in screening out these people manually. Also, it helps to make the process more efficient for the recruiter and the candidate.

Candidates these days search for simple and user-friendly application processes. The finest applicant tracking systems allow people to apply for jobs without having to log in from any device. They filter and sort resumes using cutting-edge technology like natural language processing and artificial intelligence. These systems make it easy for users to provide feedback and notes on a candidate. Many applicants tracking systems interface with job boards, making it easier to manage job ads.

Different Reasons For Using Applicant Tracking Systems

 Streamlined: An applicant tracking system allows the representation of your recruiting process on a single system. This can make it easier to track, control, and optimize your processes.

  • Advertise Job Opportunities: Job posting on these tracking systems is simple due to integrations with various job boards. These systems allow you to handle the posts and incoming applications from the comfort of your own home.
  • Automate Tasks: Applicant tracking systems streamline your procedures to spend more time on recruitment. It also helps you in spending less time on administrative tasks like sending out updates and scheduling interviews.
  • Candidate Information: The complete information and history of the candidate is recorded in applicant tracking systems. This can be from the applicant to the candidate to hire. This procedure keeps you out of trouble from for searching candidate information, as everything is available in the system.

What Are The Finest Applicant Tracking Systems Available?

 Freshteam: Freshteam is a comprehensive HR solution for businesses of all sizes. It is owned by Freshworks, a provider of all kinds of business solutions that are on pace with the market’s best offers. Freshteam’s job board integrations and a customizable career portal let you find the ideal candidates across numerous platforms.

  1. Teamtailor: Teamtailor is a recruiting and candidate monitoring software that attracts, develops, and hires candidates. You’ll boost your employer brand and revolutionize your recruitment process all in one platform. It assists recruiters and HR managers in tracking job applications.
  2. Vidcruiter: VidCruiter’s tracking system is user-friendly. It can be purchased separately or with other VidCruiter platform recruitment tools. Vidcruiter is a video interviewing technology that allows for pre-recorded and live video interviews. Screening is made easier with pre-recorded video interviews. This system simplifies the hiring process by interviewing candidates in less time.

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