Exploring the Life and Teachings of Sadhguru, Founder of Isha Foundation,

by Moore Martin

Welcome to a journey that will take you on an exploration of the life and teachings of Sadhguru, the spiritual leader and founder of Isha Foundation. With millions of followers around the world, his message is one that resonates with seekers who are looking for deeper meaning in their lives. From his humble beginnings as a yogi in India to becoming a global influencer, we’ll delve into his unique approach to spirituality, self-discovery, and inner transformation. So come along as we discover what makes this visionary teacher so compelling and how he’s changing lives every day.

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Introduction to Sadhguru and the Isha Foundation

Sadhguru is a world-renowned spiritual leader and founder of Isha Foundation, a volunteer-based, international nonprofit organization dedicated to cultivating human potential. Born into a Tamil family in India, he spent his early childhood in the lap of nature, in the southern state of Karnataka. At the age of twelve, he had a profound spiritual experience that set him on the path of inner exploration and self-discovery. After completing his college education in engineering and business management, he traveled extensively, seeking out some of the great masters of our time. In 1982, he met his guru, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and became his disciple. In 1983, he established Isha Foundation.

Through his powerful yoga programs and passionate talks all over the world, Sadhguru has helped millions of people access their innermost nature and experience higher states of consciousness. His vision for humanity is one where every individual realizes the true magnificence of who they are and takes responsibility for creating an ideal world that works for all.

Sadhguru’s Early Life and Education

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev was born on September 3, 1957 in Mysore, India. His father was a doctor and his mother was a homemaker. Sadhguru’s early childhood was spent in the lap of nature in the foothills of the Velliangiri Mountains. As a young boy, he was fascinated by snakes and often found himself in their company.

He had his schooling in Mysore and went on to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in English literature from the University of Mysore. In his twenties, he traveled extensively across India and Nepal, exploring different mystical traditions. It was during this period that he met his Guru, Maharajji Neem Karoli Baba.

Under the guidance of Maharajji, Sadhguru began to explore the inner dimensions of life. He experienced profound states of meditation which led him to an understanding of the true nature of existence. After the passing of his Guru, Sadhguru realized that it was his destiny to share this experience with others.

In 1981, he established the Isha Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading inner engineering through yoga programs and retreats. The foundation has over 500 centers around the world where people can learn yoga and meditate.

Sadhguru’s Teachings and Philosophy

Sadhguru’s teachings and philosophy are based on the yogic tradition and emphasize self-transformation through inner exploration. He teaches that true yoga is not about physical postures or achieving a certain state of mind, but rather about experiencing the unity of all life. Sadhguru’s teachings are also deeply rooted in Vedantic thought, and he often speaks about the importance of self-realization. In addition to his spiritual teachings, Sadhguru is also an environmentalist and has been involved in various social initiatives.

The Isha Foundation’s Activities & Programs

Isha Foundation is a volunteer-based, international nonprofit organization founded by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev in 1992. The foundation is dedicated to the wellbeing of the individual and the world. It offers several programs that support individuals in their journey of inner transformation and also works towards creating an inclusive culture.

The Isha Foundation’s activities can be broadly divided into four areas: Inner Transformation, Education, Environment, and Community Wellbeing.

Inner Transformation: The Isha Foundation offers programs that help individuals explore their inner selves and experience higher states of consciousness. These include meditation programs, yoga classes, and retreats.

Education: The foundation runs a number of schools that provide holistic education to children from rural areas. It also offers scholarship programs for students from low-income families.

Environment: The foundation works towards creating a sustainable environment through initiatives such as tree planting, water conservation, and waste management.

Community Wellbeing: The Isha Foundation runs several social outreach programs that aim to improve the lives of underprivileged communities. These include healthcare initiatives, livelihood programs, and women empowerment projects.

Benefits of Practicing Sadhguru’s Teachings

Sadhguru’s teachings are based on the ancient yogic wisdom of India and provide a holistic approach to life. They offer a practical, yet spiritual perspective that can be applied to modern day challenges and help us to live more fulfilled lives.

Some of the benefits of practicing Sadhguru’s teachings include:

1. A deeper understanding of who we are and our true potential.

2. A greater sense of inner peace and wellbeing.

3. Improved physical health and vitality.

4. Enhanced mental clarity and focus.

5. Increased ability to handle stress and adversity in a more constructive way.


Sadhguru has been changing the lives of people around the world for decades through his teachings and Isha Foundation. His life is a testament to how dedication and commitment can bring about positive change in this world. People who have come in contact with him are often profoundly affected by his presence, wisdom and compassion. Whether you’re interested in spirituality or simply want to learn more about an inspirational person, exploring Sadhguru’s life is sure to be a rewarding experience!

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