Dental Veneers: How To Improve Your Smile

by Carter Toni


Dental veneers are the best choice for cosmetic enhancement treatment. This is because of their ability to hide dental flaws. These are made up of durable materials that can last for many years with proper care. When we Compare veneers to other cosmetic dental treatments, they are relatively minimally invasive. They require a small amount of tooth structure to be removed. This helps to preserve more of your natural tooth structure than other treatments. They are also easy to care for and require no special maintenance. This can also hide a vast variety of issues like Cracked teeth, stains, misaligned teeth, Gaps between teeth, etc.

What Does Receiving Veneers Include?

In the first appointment, the dentist will check the teeth and ask about your needs and expectations and discuss the treatment that is suitable for you. If the dentist and the patient decide to move forward with the veneer, then the dentist will remove the small amount of enamel from the front surface of the teeth. This will give space for the veneers.

After the teeth are prepared, the dentist will take impressions of the teeth. These impressions will be used to create custom veneers that are tailored to the size, shape, and color of the existing teeth. Once your permanent veneers are ready, your dentist will remove the temporary veneers and clean your teeth. They will then apply a bonding agent to the back of each veneer and carefully place them onto your prepared teeth. After the veneers have been placed, a Dentist Farmington Hills checks the fit and function and ensures that you are happy with the results.

How Does Dental Veneer  Improve Your Smile?

  1. Aligned teeth – Porcelain Veneers Farmington Hills give you a straight smile without any pain and braces. veneers can be used to help improve the appearance of teeth that are misaligned or uneven. This reshapes the teeth which means they can be used to create a more even and uniform appearance. Although this treatment works best on minor misalignment. If the veneers affect the health of your teeth, then it is good to go for orthodontics.
  2. Closing gaps in teeth – the gaps or the misshapen teeth make you hide your smile behind closed lips because of insecurity. The veneers help to hide imperfections and enhance your look and smile. The dentist often suggests using braces for these gaps but sometimes the veneers can do the same and improve your confidence. The shells used in the veneers are designed to fit perfectly and give you a natural look. The veneers are a quicker and less expensive option. This gives you a smile for which you have been waiting.
  1. No Gummy smile – Veneer is the solution for your prominent gum issue. A gummy smile is when a larger-than-normal amount of gum tissue is visible when you smile, which can make your teeth look smaller. These are custom-made and give you a proportioned look. Farmington Hills Dentist can help you understand the benefits and limitations of veneers and recommend alternative treatments if necessary.
  1. Cover the crack, chips, cracks, or break – chips, cracks or breaks are the most common problem of the teeth. This can ruin the health of your teeth and your smile. Bones are very strong and Teeth are made up of bones which does not mean that they are not going to get damaged. The veneers help the teeth from a futuristic point of view by providing an extra layer to the teeth. This is a less expensive option than the dental crown and dental implant.
  1. Your smile is white and bright – teeth whitening is a simple procedure but it cannot be used for all patients. If you have stains because of too much fluoride or medication, then the teeth whitening agents may not work. Veneers can hide stains and enhance the appearance of your teeth. After getting the veneer it is suggested to visit for regular checkups and cleaning.


Dental Veneers Farmington Hills can be a great option for achieving a beautiful and confident smile. They are a permanent treatment option and require careful consideration. With the right care and guidance from your dental professional, you can enjoy the benefits of a radiant and healthy smile for years to come. To learn more about transforming your smile with Dental Veneers, please call 248-476-4416 today for a free consultation with Dr. Chetana Karanth. Pearl Dental PC welcomes patients from Farmington Hills and nearby areas.

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