SharePoint Look Book: how do you install Look Book templates?

by Glenn Maxwell

Look Book templates

Most business owners aim to have a strong and impactful design for their site. They might have indulged with some best templates available in the market and still failed to achieve the best results.

The SharePoint look book is one such solution that gives access to pre-defined templates.

Whether you plan to get a new site or update the existing one, everything can be done within a few minutes. Get a professional and creative look for your website without using any code.

This content piece will shed some light on the installation, benefits, and best practices of look book templates.

What is a SharePoint look book?

It is a collection of downloadable templates that Microsoft hosts. Users can select any template as per their requirements. When you want the site’s perfect look and feel, you need to look for a workable template or get an experienced person on board.

Some common page templates offered by look book are:

  • Landing Pages
  • News Sites
  • Learning and Training Sites
  • Department Sites
  • On-boarding Sites

The SharePoint look book is a document that includes information about customizing the site. Users can access the Screenshots and explanations to make this journey effortless.

What are the few important things to consider to handle the SharePoint look book?

  • Site Permissions: Install a template that gives a new look to your SharePoint site. Every site requires deep access permissions to use its content. This makes it vital to get the correct permissions to update the platform’s user interface.
  • Site Features: You need to have a clear idea of the features you require for your site, like a custom company theme, section background, site logo, footer, and more. The features will be changed based on your theme selection from the SharePoint look book.
  • Sample Page Removal: Most of the templates have certain sample pages that are of no use. There are chances that users find them and consider them reliable resources, which will affect your reputation.
  • Web Parts: This will mention the web parts you will use to create a site. These can be News, Events, Quick Links, Stream, and more. They will also differ based on the SharePoint look book template you choose.
  • Sample Content Removal: Certain SharePoint look book templates have various sample content like the report, documents, sheets, tasks, and diagrams that are not required. It is important to provide relevant and original content.
  • Unnecessary Sites Removal: Every time you try a template, a new site is created. Once you finalize the site template and then plan to delete the sites that you tested but did not choose it. This ensures avoiding any confusion while working on the real site.

How to install the SharePoint look book template?

Step 1: Selecting a template

To insert a template in the SharePoint site, select your choice and click on it.

Step 2: You will be redirected to a new page

After you finalize your selection, a page with open. Click on the “Add to your tenant”

Step 3: Sign In

Once you go through the above step, it is time to sign in. Add the right credentials to move ahead.

Step 4: Update Site URL and Title

After you enter the right credentials, you will be redirected to another page. There will be an option to change the URL and SharePoint site title. If you plan to change it, you can do it or work with the default ones. Click on Provision.

Step 5: Complete Process

After you have created the site URL and title, you will be displayed to show the message “Provisioning Completed.”

Step 6: Open the site

After this, copy the URL and open your site.

What are the advantages of using the SharePoint look book?

  • It is a powerful tool that can highlight great sections of the business if used efficiently.
  • It is easier to use and deploy the templates to make your business unique and stand out from the competition.
  • A look book SharePoint online helps designers and copywriters find the right color, images, or fonts quickly.
  • It is a handy tool for people unfamiliar with the branding guidelines as it provides great resources to make this process easy.
  • This is an amazing method to get up and run a site quickly as it needs minimal development time.
  • Building a SharePoint Look book is a great method to represent the organization style guide visually.
  • Templates are installed within a few minutes. Users can access the ready-to-go site and customize them as needed.
  • If you plan to train the SharePoint team, it gives you a great method to demonstrate the content with real-life solutions and working examples instead of just images.

How to use and customize SharePoint site template?

  • Build a team or communication site in your workspace
  • Click on home and redirect to site settings
  • Then choose the site customization options
  • There will be an entry point as Apply a site template
  • Pick anyone that meets your requirements
  • Click on use template, which will restructure the existing SharePoint site
  • A progress bar will appear while applying the template to your site
  • After completing the background, the page will reload
  • And you are done using a template on your site

Bring value to your SITE!

While you begin the journey, maintain a list of common elements to ensure you have a starting point for your site template. SharePoint look book will meet your expectations by providing detailed guidance and plenty of resources.

Just keep the approach of the target business scenarios to make the right choice for your SharePoint site. This gives longevity of the solution and the opportunity to leverage your platform’s best features.

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