Should I Print My Own Brochures or Use a Luxury Printing Service in London?

by Sean Dixon

When you have a lot of products you want to sell, a brochure can be the best way to offer them to customers. You can outline their best features, share a photo and establish trust through your brochures. What’s more, they are easy to distribute and people enjoy looking through them.

When it comes to creating brochures, you have a lot to think about. First, you have to consider what products you want to display and the best way to advertise them. Then, you need to think about how you are going to print the brochures. Should you do this on your own or use a luxury printing service in London? Let’s take a look at important elements to consider.

The Quality

There is no escaping the fact that customers want quality brochures. Think about it, would you buy from a business with unappealing marketing materials that are low quality? The answer is going to be no. You will judge that brand on the brochure they give you, including what it looks like and feels like to hold. Having low-quality print and cheap materials does not make consumers want to buy from you.

Unfortunately, this is often what happens when you choose to print your own brochures. Simply, you are not going to have as good technology and printing equipment as a professional print company has. For example, you can check out IPW1’s printing service at They use high-tech equipment to ensure the best quality when it comes to marketing materials. So, this can give you peace of mind when you are creating brochures that you can distribute to potential customers.

The Time

Another element that you have to consider is how quickly you want to get your brochures printed. For instance, if you are working on last-minute marketing materials, you may be looking to print brochures quickly. In this case, you might find it easier to print in-house and have them ready to go.

Yes, there are some instances when a printing service might take longer. But, if you are able to communicate your project ahead of time with a professional company, the team are going to make sure that you get them by the deadline. In addition, some teams can work to a short deadline depending on what you need. You also have to remember that you are likely to want a lot of brochures. So, trying to print hundreds by yourself will be time-consuming. But, this is not a problem for professional teams.

The Cost

One of the main reasons why businesses want to print their own brochures is because of the perceived cost savings. If you already have some printing facilities, you may feel like you can save money by doing it all at your business. Indeed, in some cases, this might be true. You could have good printing equipment, as well as all of the materials you need for your brochures.

But, it is worth pointing out that luxury brochure printing services might not be as expensive as you think. Yes, when you see the word ‘luxury’, you assume that this service is going to be costly. However, this is not always the case and it is worth doing your own research. For instance, you can contact a professional printing company and ask about their prices or for a quote. You might be surprised how affordable it can be.

This is going to be particularly true if you do not already have printing equipment. Bringing in everything you need for this task can cost a lot. You would need everything from printers and ink to brochure paper and cards. This could be a big bill and not cost-effective if this is a one-off project.

The Convenience

A lot of effort goes into printing your own brochures. Namely, you are going to have to gather all of the materials after you have spent a lot of time designing them. If you have to print hundreds for an event or special occasion, it can be a huge task to handle on your own. Sometimes, it is better to find a professional service since this can be more convenient.

Indeed, when you get an experienced team to print your brochures, they do all of the hard work for you. All you have to do is leave the design with them and tell them what you want. Then, you can come and pick the brochures up when they are done.

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