Should You Remove Seats When Deep Cleaning a Car Interior?

by Sean Dixon

Deep cleaning your car interior is important to do from time to time. That way you’ll clean and remove all the stains that occur during day-to-day car usage. When deep cleaning car, many people like to remove seats to get better results, but should you do it?

In today’s article, I’ll thoroughly answer to that topic, and I’ll show you both benefits and disadvantages of removing car seats.

Should You Remove Seats When Deep Cleaning The Interior?

If you want to get the best possible cleaning results, you should always remove car seats when cleaning the car’s interior. That way, you’ll have more workspace and you’ll be able to clean both car seats and the rest of the interior much better.

When you take the seats out, you can easily access all the areas inside your car. Especially ones that were hard to reach while the seats were installed (areas under the seats, etc.).

Another thing, when you remove car seats, you can place them to the table, and you’ll be able to clean all the dirt, dust, and stains from them. You can then rotate them in all directions and thoroughly clean the underside of the seats as well.

Furthermore, with the seats removed, the whole center console and armrest will be much easier to clean, especially if you plan on using steam cleaners and other devices for cleaning vehicles.

Is Removing Car Seats Safe?

If you follow some basic guidelines (here’s how to properly remove car seats), it’s entirely safe to remove them. However, you should always pay attention not to cut any cables, or damage the screws that keep the seats in the place.

I know some car detailers that don’t want to remove car seats because of the warranty and similar, which is totally justified. If somehow you don’t install them properly and the accident happens, they may get out of the the bearing. However, guidelines for removing car seats are very easy to follow, and I think it’s hard to screw something up.

Yet, if you’re a car detailer, never remove car seats without seeking for the owners approval first.

Sometimes, an airbag light will show up on the dashboard if the seats were removed. And even though it’s not a big deal, it requires some equipment and knowledge to fix it. To fix an airbag light, you’ll have to connect your car with some high-quality OBD tool, and remove the error. I’ve done it like a hundred times, and it’s a 2 minute job if you have the equipment.

It’s important to tell you that cheap chinese OBD connectors and applications won’t be able to turn off the airbag light.

Benefits Of Removing Car Seats When Deep Cleaning Your Car

I won’t go long here. Here are quick benefits of removing car seats when deep cleaning your car:

  • You’ll be able to clean the seats more thoroughly
  • Once the seats are out, cleaning the car carpet is extremely easy
  • It’ll be easier to move inside the car while cleaning it, and you’ll also have more place for your equipment
  • Drying the car after the extraction is much easier with the seats removed

Cons of Removing Car Seats

As always, there are some cons of removing car seats:

  • An airbag light may appear on the dashboard if you don’t follow the guidelines for removing car seats
  • If you’re not a licensed mechanic, removing car seats may end the warranty
  • There’s a risk of breaking some screws or damaging cables underneath the seat (even though it’s really hard to break something)


As you can see, removing car seats is important if you want to get the best cleaning results. I always do it if the car is extremely dirty, but honestly, for most cars I don’t do it since they’re usually not so filthy.

I know that some of you may or may not agree with me, but that’s the way I like to do it, and I think it’s the best way to get a spotless car interior look.

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