SimonKronenfeld: Top 3 Ways to Value a Company

by Carter Toni

Establishing your company and watching it flourish is one of the most thrilling professional endeavours you can take on the responsibility of, and the impact of these experiences is only heightened when you can take pride in your company, and appreciate the fact that it brings notable value, both to you and your team, and to its professional market. However, how does one actually assess the value of their company?

Having been the leader of a variety of high-profile projects, and currently the leader of a prominent Canadian construction company, Simon Kronenfeld is somebody who has done the work required to be able to identify exactly what it is about his business that makes it valuable, and how to enhance these elements to sustain them in the future.


The first way to go about analyzing the value of your company is to be practical and examine the tangible, financial value it has, as well as how much it is worth, and how much financial value it is capable of providing for you and your team in the future. There are many different methods of how to carry out financial evaluations for your business, but what all of them fundamentally have in common is the understanding that having a thorough grasp of this professional facet allows you not only to be aware of the strengths of your business, but of its weaknesses as well.

Being aware of the financial weaknesses of your business is just as important to assessing its value as highlighting its strengths are. Developing a deeper understanding of the areas for improvement of your company allow you to keep a closer eye on its trajectory, and develop stronger plans for its future.


For any Canadian business, having an impact on its parent industry is a promising method of assessing its value, especially for the professional market. No matter the type of business you own or the economic categories it is part of, leaving a memorable legacy on the industry it occupies is a certain way of bringing both business and attention to your team, allowing you to potentially devote more resources to your goals.

By leading his construction company AJGL Group, Simon Kronenfeld strives to leave a positive impact on the Canadian construction industry, and to introduce innovative new ideas to his partners in order to propel the Canadian market further into the future of design and development.

Social Impact

The third most important way to value your company is to assess its social impact, both on the industrial market it occupies as well as to the broader Canadian public. In a time of continuously shifting priorities and a myriad of societal awakenings, the western world is moving forward in a direction that places high priority on the social impacts of every business, company, and association. Being able to not only identify the impact that you want your company to have but to facilitate this impact in a practical way as well is one of the most topical and high-momentum ways to ensure the increase of its public and inherent value.

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