Singapore-Based FII Invested ₹45.90 Crore In Multibagger Stock!

by Moore Martin

Singapore-Based FII Invested

In this article, we will delve into the world of multibagger stocks, a topic of keen interest to the online community. People are scouring the internet for information on these high-return stocks, and the name Balu Forge has been making waves lately. Therefore, we’ve curated a comprehensive article to shed light on multibagger stocks and provide the latest updates on Balu Forge, satisfying the curiosity of our readers.

The Rise of Balu Forge Industries

One small-cap stock on Dalal Street that has captured investors’ attention with its remarkable returns is Balu Forge Industries. This stock, listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), has surged from approximately ₹66.50 to ₹220 per share, yielding an impressive return of 250% for its shareholders. In 2023, this small-cap gem emerged as one of the standout multibagger stocks in the Indian stock market.

A New Player Enters the Game

Surprisingly, it seems that the multibagger story of Balu Forge is far from over. The Singapore-based FII, Sixteenth Street Asian Gems Fund, has entered the scene as a new player. This fund, backed by the renowned investor Ashish Kacholia, recently acquired a significant stake in Balu Forge Industries, as per the latest exchange filing.

Investment Details

Balu Forge Ltd informed the BSE that the share allocation committee has granted Sixteenth Street Asian Gems Fund 25 lakh shares at a price of ₹183.60 per share. This move translates to a substantial investment of ₹45.90 crores by the Singapore-based FII. The company further stated that the transaction is contingent on the receipt of the necessary consideration amount from the allottees of the preferential allotment. It is also subject to approvals from the Board of Directors, scheduled for September 4, 2023, and the Company’s members at its annual general meeting on September 27, 2023. Additionally, it depends on the In-Principle approvals granted by the BSE Limited, as per its letter dated September 29, 2023.

Board Approval and Warrant Issuance

In a circular resolution dated September 6, 2023, Balu Forge Industries’ board of directors gave its stamp of approval. The approval encompassed two significant actions: the distribution of 25,00,000 fully paid-up equity shares, each valued at ₹10, to individuals not associated with the promoters and promoter group. These shares were priced at ₹183.60 each. Additionally, the board sanctioned the issuance of 50,00,000 Fully Convertible Warrants, available for cash purchase at an issue price of ₹183.60 per warrant. Each warrant can be converted into an equivalent number of equity shares, each with a face value of ₹10, and is earmarked for the members of the promoter group.


In conclusion, the investment move by the Singapore-based FII, Sixteenth Street Asian Gems Fund, has injected fresh optimism into the multibagger journey of Balu Forge Industries. This small-cap stock, which has already provided impressive returns in 2023, seems to have piqued the interest of seasoned investors. However, the final outcome will depend on several factors, including regulatory approvals and investor sentiment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1: What is a multibagger stock?

A multibagger stock is one that has the potential to generate significantly higher returns compared to its initial investment. These stocks often experience substantial price appreciation.

2: Who is Ashish Kacholia, and why is his involvement significant?

Ashish Kacholia is a well-known Indian investor with a successful track record. His involvement in a stock can attract attention and influence other investors’ decisions.

3: How does the approval process for such investments work?

Investments in companies, especially those involving substantial sums, typically require approvals from regulatory bodies, board members, and shareholders. The process can be complex and time-consuming.

4: What should investors consider before investing in multibagger stocks?

Investors should conduct thorough research, assess the company’s fundamentals, and consider the potential risks before investing in multibagger stocks.

5: Where can I get more information about Balu Forge Industries?

For more detailed information about Balu Forge Industries, including financial reports and updates, you can visit the official website of the company or consult reliable financial news sources.

In the ever-evolving world of finance, opportunities abound. The story of Balu Forge Industries and the interest it has garnered from the Singapore-based FII exemplify the exciting possibilities in the stock market. As investors, it’s crucial to stay informed and make decisions based on sound research and a clear understanding of the market dynamics.

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