Six ways a floor mat can be used to make your workplace safer

by Carter Toni

Injuries in US companies caused them almost $62 billion every year. When people are injured in the workplace, it can potentially result in serious injuries, death, lawsuits, and missed work hours. It is reported that a majority of workplace-related injuries in the US is caused by slipping and falling. A simple way to prevent such accidents in your workplace is to be mindful of what you have on your floor. Mats are a perfect choice for keeping your workplace safe. They can be used in the following six ways to ensure employee and customer safety.

1). Special made mats to prevent slipping and tripping

Offices and businesses have not done enough to prevent slips and falls. These accidents cost US companies billions every year. A simple mat placed strategically at your workplace can be used to prevent slips and falls. Safety matting can be used to keep workers and employees safe. There are specialized wet and dry area mats that come with special tread designs and bevelled edges to offer sure footing. Custom rugs with logo of brands can also be used to achieve the dual effect of safety and marketing.

2). Floor mats with drainage features to handle spills

Any accidental spillage or leaking pipes can easily create a harmful work environment. People mostly fall in workplaces due to slippery or wet surfaces. While your office can be safe, any unexpected spill or puddle can quickly turn it into a dangerous area. Businesses can invest in custom rugs with logo and drainage features. They can help absorb and drain any spillages or water puddles in the office floor.

3). Anti-fatigue rugs for support and comfort

Long hours of standing in the workplace can easily lead to leg/lower back pain, discomfort, fatigue, cardiovascular problems, and many other health problems. There are anti-fatigue rugs that are used to offer extra support. This is used to reduce the general harmful effects of standing for an extensive time. The mats usually come with an added cushioning layer that is used to limit the total stress exerted by the floor to the body as you stand. Custom rugs with logo can further be personalized to offer additional cushioning effects.

4) Tape and rug to improve visibility

Custom rugs with logo can also be used to help employees or workers see what is ahead of them around dark hallways and workplaces. Most offices/businesses usually have poorly lit hallways, stairways, or product stores. This can easily cause people to missing their steps or walking onto a puddle or slippery floor. If you have poorly lit workplaces and offices, you can get high-visibility rugs with anti-slip/fall tapes. These safety features once implemented will guide workers/customers where best to work to guarantee their safety.

5). Floor mats/rugs show important areas

You can get already custom rugs with logos to properly identify all harmful and safe areas in your workplace. If there is an emergency, people should be directed to the right location: the muster point. The use of safety mats and custom rugs with logo can be used to identify safe areas or places of safety.

6). Floor mats and rugs to minimize the potential for static discharges

Static electricity have the potetial to cause a lot of discomfort. Static electricity can easily accumulate to cause a serious problem. This could expose people in the workplace to harmful situations. Electrostatic discharges have the potential for electrical fires and painful shocks. There are anti-static rugs and floor mats that are used to protect work areas to prevent such a danger. Such rugs are produced to have insulated materials. This helps to prevent the buildup of static to cause harmful electrical charges. Custom rugs with logo can also be designed with insulated materials to protect the workplace from the threat of static buildups.

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