Some Must-Haves in Your Freezer

by Carter Toni

The debate of frozen vs. fresh food has been going on for years. Personally, I think it is all up to the person and their daily routine whether they prefer frozen or fresh food. A person who wishes to consume healthily but has a very hectic daily routine may love frozen foods. A person who works from home and can afford to cook nutritious meals would obviously prefer fresh foods. But, there are food items that you must have in your freezer even if you do not regularly consume frozen foods.

Frozen goods have done us a huge favor in this fast-moving world. We need nutrition but also do not have enough time for them. On the other hand, a tired stay-at-home mother may also not have time to cook healthy supper and snacks for her young needy children. For that purpose, your freezer must always have a few frozen items. The following is a list of the top eight best, frozen items that have a high nutritious value and are also very easy to cook.

1. Chicken and fish patties.

Easy to cook chicken and fish patties are a must-have for your freezer. It will take you less than two minutes to cook them. These consist of omega-3 and proteins that are very beneficial for your health.

2. Frozen pizza.

Frozen pizzas are not entirely healthy but treat them more like a quick late-night silent snack. Pizza has 12 grams of proteins in one slice. A thin crust pizza with vegetable toppings is the healthiest snack of them all.

3. Thai spring rolls.

Who doesn’t like chicken spring rolls? Add a little spice to your flavors by getting different fillings when you  look for Thai spring rolls. Full of lean proteins and low in fat and calories, spring rolls are a very healthy quick snack during school and office hours.

4. Breaded chicken.

Frozen breaded chicken is a delicious snack that fulfills your cravings and your day’s nutritional value. It consists of proteins, carbs, and healthy fats that we all desperately need.

5. Fruits and vegetables.

Frozen fruits and vegetables are found in every home. You will always find frozen carrots and potatoes in the freezer. But if you don’t, make sure you grab them today! Fruits and vegetables are instantly frozen and packed after being picked out freshly to preserve their nutritional value. Hence, frozen fruits and vegetables are more nutritious than fresh ones.

6. Canned beans.

Canned beans include soya beans, peas, etc. You must always use frozen beans as they are very perishable and must be refrigerated properly. Additionally, precooked canned goods are very convenient as well.

7. Frozen meatballs are a healthy trifecta for you if you want a scrumptious snack that also fulfills your day’s protein requirement. They have low cholesterol, making it good for people with cholesterol issues as well!

8. Fish fingers and fillets.

Fish fingers and fillets are very high in terms of nutritional values. You can have a few finger fish as lunch and will not feel weak all afternoon. Fish fingers and fillets are a perfect protein and omega-3 intake.

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