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SSAT test stands for Secondary Schools Admission Test and it can  be an important step in your child’s academic career.

So, is your child planning to take the SSAT test very soon? Do not worry, as it is a simple examination that will evaluate your child’s math, verbal, and reading skills through various tests. Check out the different test options of the SSAT test given below!


The test is available in 3 different formats. Let us have a look at all three of them and get ourselves familiarized with them!

  • Paper-based SSAT

The test is available in the USA, Canada, and other places. A total of 6 standard tests is available for upper and middle students, along with two flex tests. An option is provided to elementary students where they can opt between 2 standard tests or one standard and one flex test. The test is held at exam centers or is carried out by educational consultants.

The students are given a paper with questions and answer options. All they need to do is, use a pencil to darken the circle with the answer they deem fit for the particular question. The written questions must also be answered with a pencil on the same sheet. The invigilator gives a series of instructions at the very beginning, and the students need to abide by it. A similar kind of instruction is set out for the examiner when they grade the tests.

  • Computer-based SSAT at Prometric test centers

Just like Paper-based SSAT, this test is also available in the USA, Canada, and other international places. The students need to be present at the test venue and take the test from the computer, proctored. The students are given an option to take a total of 3 combined SSAT tests – Home and Prometric tests every test year.

This test is available only for middle and upper-level students. This SSAT is just the digital version of the paper-based SSAT. When the examinee sits for the test, a basic tutorial will be provided to him/her regarding how to go about with the test and how to answer. After that, they will be given the question paper on the screen, and they can begin with the test.

Each section will have a specific time allotted to it in which the student needs to finish writing the answer. They will be provided with a 10-minute recess after they complete the writing portion of the test. After the test resumes, the examinee will be given MCQs to be answered, and this, too, will be time-bound. There is a negative marking in this case, so it is advisable to be careful. The students can only leave their seats after the test is over.

  • Computer-based SSAT at home

Unlike the previous two tests, this SSAT is available only in the USA and Canada. It is available only for middle and upper-level students who take the test from home with their computers while being proctored.

Like the previous test, they can opt for the combination of 3 SSAT tests from home and Prometric test venues every test year. To avail of this form of SSAT, you will first need to register for the test. After the registration is complete, you will receive an email regarding the timetable of the test, and now all you need to do is prepare for the examination and sit for the exams as per the dates given. There are some prerequisites for taking the home SSAT test. Your room should be set up as per instructions.

You need to begin the test 30 minutes before the start time, and within 15 minutes, the proctor will join the student. The room will be scanned and made sure there is no one else other than the examinee. During the test, the student can write down their queries (if any) at the chat box provided. The rest of the test will be carried out just like the SSAT in the Prometric test venues. 


We have come to the end of our blog today. We hope that we have addressed all your queries, and now you have a fair idea regarding the SSATs that your child will take. Have a nice day!

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