Stuffed bear and other animals need to be washed!

by Carter Toni

That real rose bear of your daughter gathers dust and is not new. In addition to possibly already having several spots on the coat, it also runs the risk of, in the long run, the bear leaving the little ones with some allergies. To prevent this from happening, the ideal is always to clean and sanitize the bear, even if it’s very small. But don’t despair! Washing the bear is super easy, fast and still ensures that the toy comes out as new. To learn more about how to do this magic, just keep reading!

1. Machine wash plush toys as if they were delicate clothes

The first thing you need to know is whether the plush can be placed in the washing machine. To be sure, check the bear‘s label and look out for symbols. After that, put the bear in a bag suitable for delicate clothes and turn on the washing mode for sensitive items. If you don’t have the bag, you can use pillowcases and tie the end. Also feel free to choose the liquid or bar soap powder. The only recommendation is that you use cold water, not hot water. To prevent the plush from suffering any defect, it is also good to be sure about the amount of details embroidered or attached to the pet. When there are many clothes, staples or other accessories, it is best to remove these items before throwing the bear into the machine.

2. Hand washing is best for the most delicate toys

Another very valid option is to wash your plush by hand. Being a more suitable method especially for toys that are very sensitive or with too much detail, the tank or basin of soapy water in can help you keep the pets shining. Soak the bear in the solution and gently massage all areas of the stuffed animal. After that, replace the mixture with one with fabric softener and repeat the process. This is important because a pet of this type is very sensitive and can easily tear. Stay tuned to keep your bear safe, okay?

3. Pay attention when drying, because this step is very important

Once you’ve cleaned your bear properly, it’s time to dry. The most recommended way to do this is to hang the plush on the clothesline or leave the toy in a cool corner for it to fit properly. Just put the toy back away when even the stuffed stuffing is dry, ok? If not, later on, odors may appear from the coat. In case the bear is very dark, the ideal is to keep the bear drying in a shady area, because the sun can make the toy fade.

4. How to keep the plush clean on a daily basis

Deep washing doesn’t need to be done regularly, but it’s important to take care of your stuffed bear during your day. If any holes appear in the seam, patch as quickly as possible to prevent the stuffing from escaping from your teddy bear. Likewise, it is a good idea to keep the toy in a very airy environment for at least 15 minutes daily, as this helps to avoid odors. If you want to guarantee a nice smell on the coat, it’s worth putting the plush inside a pillowcase and throwing talcum powder. Shake it a little and remove the excess with the help of a vacuum. But do this very carefully, because some of the pet’s strings can end up being pulled by the equipment. And to avoid dust mites, you can put stuffed toys in plastic bags and keep them in the freezer for 24 hours. The measure kills parasites and allows your toy not to generate allergies in the little ones. Cool huh?

5. Know how to keep your pets at home

Yes, you can easily buy affordable dolls from online wholesale sites like DHgate, but don’t put your stuffed bear or other animals in wooden crates. This is one of the main recommendations on how to store the beloved bear, because areas like this tend to attract a lot of termites. Likewise, very humid environments often help the pet to mold, which can eventually make you need to throw the stuffed stuff away. The most recommended is to keep the bear in cool spaces, such as on top of shelves, for example.

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