Summer Resident Event Tips for Property Managers!

by Glenn Maxwell

To be a successful property management professional, you need a combination of skill sets. One of the biggest strengths leasing professionals demonstrate is that of organization. From keeping up with resident communications, to managing maintenance teams, and marketing their property, leasing professionals are constantly on their toes.

Now that summer is fast approaching, it is also time to begin planning resident events that everyone in your community can enjoy. If you are feeling a bit rusted on ideas, don’t worry! We have a list of resident event tips you can use.

Set a Mood With Decor and Activities

There are few things as relaxing as spending time outdoors. If your community has a landscape that you are proud of, or a pool that is a favorite resident amenity, then encourage people to spend more time there, by making it an attractive place to hang out.

Set the mood with some beautiful, off-beat decor. Landscape lighting is an excellent way to showcase your amenities and create an ambiance for your residents. By using outdoor landscape lighting such as path lights and tiki lights to evoke the feeling of a luxurious event, you will also ensure that your residents and their guests can safely make their way around the party. 

Encourage a sense of community by introducing some fun activities such as painting, playing darts, jenga, or other games, in your event. Nothing like some friendly competition or a shared fun project to get people together. 

Partner With a Local Volunteer Group

As an important part of neighborhoods, apartments are uniquely placed to positively impact their community. Tie up with a local volunteer group and invite residents to play a more active role in their neighborhood.

Consider sharing some volunteer activity options with your residents beforehand. You should try to include a range of activities such as river clean ups, donating time to an animal shelter, or spending time with the elderly. 

Not only is this a great way for your apartment to play a positive role in the community you call home, but residents who feel involved in their neighborhood are more likely to stay with you over a longer term.

Set Up a Skills Class

If many of your residents are people who may have just graduated, you may want to organize a baking or cooking class that everyone can participate in and learn from. Or, if your residents are mostly older individuals, you may want to consider a technology skills class that they will benefit from. If your community is largely made up of people who have selected your neighborhood for its outdoor activities, then you know they will never pass on a fitness class.

Organize a skills class that suits your residents’ interests, or consider requesting your maintenance team to teach a few DIY tricks to your residents. Not only will they be armed with new knowledge, but this will also express an appreciation for your maintenance team and help them connect with residents better. 

Plan a Theme Night

Theme nights are a great way to introduce an element of fun and excitement to your residents’ daily lives. One of the best things about a theme night is that you can go as large-scale or small-scale as you like. 

If you want to go big, consider themes that also include an opportunity for your residents to dress up. For instance, if you are hosting a casino night with fake money, bring some reality into the picture by recommending everyone wear a bowtie! Let the residents get creative, because all you are looking for is the spirit of fun! 

Summer is also a time for residents to be seeking out new apartments to move into. Make your community the talk of the town by making it a place of relaxation, fun, and community. 

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