The Clarity and Brilliance of Diamond Shopping only at Rare Car

by Carter Toni

Diamonds are always the best choices to represent true love’s promise. Diamonds’ durability and timeless beauty are undeniable. Thus, it also adds effortless glamour to any outfit which is perfect for wearing every day with any outfit and for any occasion and whereabout.

Buying diamond engagement rings now comes with another option – lab-grown diamonds. With lab-grown diamonds, you get cheaper diamonds of the rarest and highest quality. Its cheaper price gives anyone desiring a luxurious engagement ring or wedding band the opportunity to select a larger stone as it is already affordable. See some recommended larger-sized lab-grown diamond options below:

3 Carat Lab-grown Diamond

A 3 carat lab grown diamond has a distinct quality on its own. The gemstone compels respect, attraction, and love especially when “3” is meant to signify the 3 magical words “I Love You” in wedding proposals. That is why 3-carat diamonds are truly one of the best choices for engagement rings. These priceless stones are the height of sophistication with their enormous carat weight that brings sparkling brightness.

Opting for a 3-carat diamond guarantees an iconic ring. It creates a statement through its bold appeal. The bigger the stone on an engagement ring centerpiece, the more remarkable a single piece of jewelry is. The size of a 3-carat diamond, no matter what shape it makes definitely sufficient visibility and sparkle that defines classic elegance and royalty. This carat weight is the standard diamond size that the ancient royalties wear as a symbol of their reign and power. Moreover, as an engagement ring centerpiece, it closely covers the width of the normal size of a ladies’ finger making it more emphasized. It looks big, but not gigantic. A 3-carat lab-grown diamond just looks simply mesmerizing.

Shop for 3-carat lab-grown diamond engagement rings at Rare Carat. The platform lets you modify the diamond profiles and characteristics according to the 4Cs (color, clarity, carat weight, and cut grade) and shape.

4 Carat Lab Diamond

With its captivating size and unmatched glitter, a 4 carat lab diamond becomes an epitome of opulence and elegance. These precious jewels are prized for their extraordinary brilliance and beauty, making them the ideal option for couples who want an incomparable and highly news-making engagement. It is one of the biggest diamond sizes offered on the market, with a diameter of almost 9mm. Whoever will bet an eye on it will definitely stick through the radiant shine.

The larger size build of this diamond carat weight makes it mysterious since its full mass has more volume and one always wants to see through it out of curiosity. This gem is certain to attract attention and make an impact.

On the other hand, if something more striking is what your heart wants for your piece of engagement jewelry, you can opt for a 4-carat diamond as the centerpiece. These stones’ physique truly gives an eye-catching appeal through its simple large mass that occupies every ring finger. Thus, with a large stone of this size gives a regal and luxurious look. Getting a 4-carat diamond on an engagement ring doesn’t need any complex or extra embellishments to improve the ring’s overall design. A simple cut like a princess, emerald, or round brilliant can make a 4-carat diamond engagement ring launch a thousand planes.

Where to Find the Best Diamond Pieces

Rare Carat offers the best deals on 4-carat diamonds from natural to lab-grown. Entrust the quality of your diamond engagement ring with the diamond marketplace. Rare Carat only displays products from standard and evaluated suppliers, manufacturers, and wholesalers who produce certified diamonds that passed the grading of GIA (Gemological Association of America). Find 4-carat diamonds and jewelry here.

You can also find 1-carat diamonds, and 2-carat diamond options and variants.

Buying diamond engagement rings is made easier. Every diamond you can find on Rare Carat comes with a legal and legitimate certification and is 100% guaranteed to be genuine and authentic with the highest and rarest qualities. The Rare Carat shopping experience defines convenient and smooth-sailing hunting for the ideal diamond profiles because you can select and sort out the diamond characteristics that you want. Different options will be displayed according to your selected filter range with different price ranges so you can find the one that suits your budget.

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