The Complete List of Lash Extension Supplies You Need for Your Salon in Australia

by Carter Toni

Are you planning to open a salon in Australia specializing in lash extensions? If so, you must be prepared with the right supplies to ensure your clients receive the best possible service.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the complete list of lash extension supplies you need for your salon so that you can be fully prepared for your grand opening. This article will discuss the best lash extension supplies in Australia and helpful tips on where to get them and how to store them. Learn everything you need about stocking up on lash extension supplies in Australia! 

Lash Extensions

Lash extensions are becoming increasingly popular in Australia as more and more people opt for long-lasting eyelash enhancements. Lash extensions are made of synthetic fibers and are applied one by one to the natural lashes, creating a thicker and longer look. The lash extension application takes one to three hours, and the results can last up to two months.

The extensions come in various styles, lengths, and colors, so you can create whatever look you’re after. Depending on the type of lash extension used, it is possible to get a dramatic and voluminous look or a more natural and subtle look. It is essential to research the different types of extensions available before choosing the best one for your clients.

You will need the right tools and supplies to properly apply the extensions and create a safe and hygienic environment for the client. 


Regarding lash extension supplies, adhesives are arguably the most critical component. Without an effective adhesive, your lash extensions will not stay in place and may cause discomfort or even harm your clients. Use a professional-grade eyelash extension adhesive designed explicitly in Australia for the best results.

Choose one that provides strong bond strength, fast drying time, and is water-resistant. Additionally, avoid using general-purpose adhesives, as these can cause reactions and are not designed for use with lash extensions. 


Primers are essential to the lash extension process, as they help create a better bond between the natural lashes and the extensions. They break down the surface tension between the lashes, allowing the adhesive to penetrate the natural lash follicles and make them more receptive to the lash extensions.

Primers also help increase the longevity of the extensions, making them last longer. There are two main types of primers: silicone-based and alcohol-based. Silicone-based primers help to seal and protect the lashes from moisture, while alcohol-based primers provide better adhesion and help dissolve oils that may have built up on the lashes.

When selecting a primer for your salon, it’s essential to consider the type of adhesive you’re using and the client’s needs. 


Sealants are essential for lash extensions, as they help keep the lashes in place and ensure a long-lasting result. These products can be found in various formulations and applied to the lash line with a brush or swab. They help lock in moisture and prevent any damage from the adhesive.

Sealants also add a protective layer to the lashes, making them appear shinier and fuller. Many different types of sealants are available in Australia, so be sure to check out reviews and research the best product for your needs before making a purchase. 

Makeup Removers

When removing lash extensions, having the right makeup remover is essential. Makeup removers are explicitly designed for removing extensions without damaging them. Generally, they come in a liquid or oil-based form, with the latter being more effective.

Always apply the product directly to the extensions and not the skin when using makeup remover. It’s also essential to use a gentle, oil-free cleanser afterward to ensure that all residue is removed.

In addition, you should avoid using harsh eye makeup removers as these can strip away the adhesive and loosen the bonds between the extensions and natural lashes. 


Cleansers are an essential part of any lash extension routine. They help remove makeup, dirt, and oil from the lashes and skin before application while providing hydration and nourishment to the natural lashes.

When choosing a cleanser, make sure it is specifically formulated for use on eyelashes and skin. Some options include micellar water, which is gentle yet effective, and foaming cleansers and cleansing oils that don’t contain any harsh ingredients.

Finally, ensure you rinse the product thoroughly before applying for the lash extensions. This will ensure that no traces of the cleanser remain and that the adhesive has a clear surface to adhere to. 


When it comes to lash extensions, brushes are a must-have item. A good brush is essential for cleaning and preparing the lashes for adhesive application. A curved, soft-bristled brush is best for lashing and will help you get into all the nooks and crannies of your client’s lashes.

Brushes come in different sizes and shapes, so be sure to choose one that fits the contours of your client’s lashes and can reach into all the tight spaces. Be sure to clean your brush regularly to prevent the build-up of debris and dust that can irritate the eyes. 


Regarding lash extensions, tweezers are an essential tool in any salon. They help to isolate individual lashes and pick up each extension. When selecting a pair of tweezers, look for stainless steel ones with an angled tip. This allows the technician to access hard-to-reach areas with precision.

Additionally, tweezers should have a comfortable grip, which will help reduce strain on the technician’s hands. Various types of tweezers are available, such as straight or curved, so be sure to consider your preference and technique when making your selection. 


When setting up a successful lash extension salon, having the best lash extension supplies in Australia is essential. From adhesives to primers, sealants, makeup removers, cleansers, brushes, and tweezers, these items will help ensure that your clients are receiving the best possible service. Investing in quality products will help ensure your salon runs smoothly and efficiently and keep your customers happy and coming back for more. You can provide the perfect lash extension experience for all your clients with the right supplies!

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