The Diamonds You Choose Should Fit You personally!

by Sean Dixon

traveling or during a holiday

Purchasing diamond jewelry, such as an engagement ring, can get confusing if you do not know how to choose one that fits your finger perfectly. Further, there are different jewelry styles, and choosing one that looks great on your finger, neck, or wrist is not always a straightforward process. 

Thankfully, there is a size, shape, style, and brand that fits and looks great on you even when traveling or during a holiday. To get such jewelry, you need to understand the art of narrowing down from many options to a perfect style and size. In this article, we look at the process of making that choice. Read on to learn valuable tips if you are looking to buy one soon. 

Factors You Need To Consider Carefully 

It is no secret that everyone wants the best pieces of diamond jewelry. But, only a few people manage to make the right decisions when faced with many options. Arguably, the best jewelry isn’t only about buying what you see, but it is about various factors coming together that make it the best one for you.

Whether you want an engagement ring, wedding ring, earrings, bracelets, or other types, you should master a few things. More precisely, knowing the most important factors to consider will help you shop professionally and decide which diamonds will meet your jewelry needs fully. Let’s take a look: 

1 Size and Shape  

We all have different sizes and shapes of fingers, ears, wrists, and necks. Even face shapes do vary, and they affect what one wears. Irrespective of the type of jewelry you want to purchase, you need to get the right size and shape. 

One way to ensure that you have the right size is to learn how to measure your finger size. You can wrap a paper or string around the base of your finger, mark their endings, then measure it with a ruler. Choose the closest measurement based on the ring size chart and that will be the right size for your finger. 

When it comes to shape, you should also purchase earrings that look great for your ears, engagement or wedding rings that fit your ring fingers, and bracelets that look fitting to your wrist. Anything that doesn’t match your shape will most likely affect your appearance. Where you cannot decide, seek the help of your beautician or image consultant. 

2 Your Favorite Style

Different diamond jewelry manufacturing companies produce numerous styles to meet the needs of different people. The most common styles include minimal and formal, among others. Matching your jewelry style with your favorite output enhances your appearance. To give you a picture of what this means, here are the most common types of outfits and the respective jewelry:

  • Laid-back outfits such as white t-shirts and denim jeans with a tennis bracelet
  • Classy outfits such as the famous “boss lady” type with big diamond-size rings 
  • Night outfits with suitable diamond earrings and pendant set
  • Official types of outfits with sapphire rings Festive outfits with appropriate rings or necklaces
  • Trendy or new fashion outfits with new diamond jewelry

Notably, the best thing to do is to choose a style that goes well with a specific outfit. If you can do so and get it right, your jewelry will fit you perfectly.. 

3 Your Personality and Traits

Perfect-fitting diamond jewelry should speak something about your personality. That means people around you and those attending your occasion should learn some traits about you based on the type of jewelry you wear. So, the earrings, bracelets, wedding or engagement rings you put on should show off your unique personality. 

Note, however, that while your personality may not change often, diamond jewelry styles change with time and seasons. That means you might find yourself in a situation where the jewelry style you love is out of fashion. In such instances, you need to be a trendsetter. Make your own style that matches your personality and stick to it like a queen’s crown. 

4 Pay Attention to Your Skin’s Undertone 

When choosing diamond jewelry that fits you personally, your skin plays a role. Remember that you do not want something that speaks too much. On the other hand, you also do not want something that is too dull. It has to match the undertone of your skin. Traditionally, there are three undertones namely: 

  • Neutral 
  • Warm 
  • Cool 

Understanding or discovering your specific undertone is not, however, an easy task. To determine your type, you have to consider a few things. In most cases, the exact ones that will help you know yours are your veins. 

If your veins match your skin color, your undertone is neutral. If your veins appear purplish hue or bluish, your undertone is cool. For veins appearing greenish, you most likely have a warm undertone. Once you uncover your specific skin undertone, you need to get the type of diamond jewelry that suits it perfectly. Here are suggestions you can consider:

  • If you are a neutral guy, white and yellow jewelry will look great 
  • Jewelry with red, blue, orange, and green jewelry is okay for people with warm skin undertone
  • If your skin undertone is cool, the best jewelry revolves around purple, green, and blue colors 

5 Wear Jewelry That Fits and Matches Your Occasion 

You cannot invest in an engagement ring when celebrating a birthday. For such an occasion, other types of diamond jewelry, such as earrings and bracelets, can be okay to enhance your image or appearance. That means you need to master the different types of jewelry that are perfect for various occasions. 

Other than understanding jewelry options for different occasions, you should also master colors and styles that fit the specific occasion you are planning to celebrate. Acquire diamond jewelry that won’t disappoint you. So, it should match the occasion, your favorite style, be the right color, and be perfect for your favorite outfit. 


You deserve the best diamond jewelry in your collection. From what you have read in this article, you now understand that the best type should complement your style and personality. Most importantly, it should fit you personally and help you bring out the theme of your occasion. Even if you are traveling, you need something perfect for traveling. Apply the tips and knowledge you have acquired here to get the best jewelry. All the best!  

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