The Difficulties of Recording Voice-Over on Location

by Carter Toni

Very often, producers, animators, and content creators face the problem of recording voice-over on location. For example, a film needs to be voiced in German. However, the entire filmmaking team and all filming processes occur in France. Finding a good voice-over actor or narrator who speaks German but lives in France is challenging. Or, for example, you need voice acting in a large number of foreign languages ​​for your video.

The pool of talent who speak the language you need will be smaller in your location, so the perfect voice might not be found so easily. Because of this problem, the production process may stop while the issue is resolved or postponed. Subsequently, the project will lose time and money.

How do you find talent who can voice the language you need in your chosen location? We advise you to use a professional online database that contains various voice-over actors and narrators from different countries. Using the services of such a database, you can quickly find the voice you need in the desired language. Most importantly, this process will be fast and cost-effective. One such database is This database will help you in recording voice-over on location. Let’s look at this platform in more detail.

Voquentvoice-over company

Voquent provides customers with the best voice-over casting and production services available online. The Voquent voice-over agency is centered around online access to pre-approved demos, remotely managed productions, and top-tier audio professionals.

Combined with accessibility services like subtitling and audio descriptions –global brands and entertainment companies can quickly make their content accessible and engaging to audiences worldwide.

Casting on Voquent is as easy as it gets. You can use the studio’s proprietary search engine, filtering for your desired specifications that match your project. Language, accent, location, and tones are some of the studio’s most popular filters.

From here, you can shop around and listen to incredible voice-over talent. Play samples and listen to what Voquent’s talent can do. If you find the perfect voice for your project, you can shortlist them at the click of a button for a quick quote.

Next, tell Voquent about your project, and the specialists will get to work, personalizing your journey to meet your preferences.

voice-over services

Voquent offers a large number of valuable services. Among them:

  • Audio Description
  • British sign language
  • Closed Captions
  • Subtitling Services
  • Voice-Over
  • Translation
  • Localization
  • Dubbing
  • Narrating

Voice-over services of Voquent studio include:

  • Casting
  • Editing
  • Scriptwriting
  • Translation
  • Voice actors in many languages and locations

Voquent’s mission is to help customers worldwide in their quest to find the best voice talent for any creative business endeavor. The studio helps with copywriting and translation into any language, and the company has a vast network of partner studios, agencies, and professionals in every corner of the earth.

Browse Voquent’s incredible database of voice-over talent today to find the perfect voice for your audio-visual projects.

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