The Dos and Don’ts of Moving During Covid-19

by TechloverSAhmad

Corona Virus has turned the world upside down! 

According to California Movers USA, “to maintain the distance, everything from offices to school to shopping, etc., moved online. People only needed a good internet connection and a digital device to get things done.”

Wouldn’t it be great if we could move our stuff to a new location just by tapping on screens? But technology still has a long way to go to enable moving stuff online.

If you are planning to relocate during the pandemic, you have to be extra cautious. COVID-19 is contagious. In extreme cases, this virus is fatal. You wouldn’t want anything to happen to your family, right?

Hence, I’ve created this guide for you. These do’s and don’ts will ensure to make the moving smooth during COVID-19.

Let’s begin…

The Do’s and Don’ts of Moving during Covid-19

First, let’s discuss the DO’s, and then we’ll talk about Don’ts

  • Check the Transmission Rate in Your Area

There are many movers in Texas; you cannot hire anyone over a phone call. Selecting the right movers means you have to:

  • Interview the movers;
  • Let them in your home for the survey.

This means there is a physical interaction to some extent. If your area has a high transmission rate and low vaccination rate, then it’s not a good idea to let people inside your house.

In such a case, I would advise you to delay moving until the transmission rate is low. To check your local transmission rate, check the CDC’s COVID Data Tracker. The tracker will provide you the all the information, such as:

  • Total number of positive cases 
  • Number of people tested
  • Vaccination rate
  • Hospitalization, etc.

When moving during covid-19, it’s important that you are protecting yourself. Especially when you are in locations where the virus is spreading, you’ll want the right protective gear. Before the move it’ll be helpful to determine which personal protective equipment will be best for the move. A hazmat suit can be a great option to be sure you’re protecting yourself.

Moving on to the following point, which is…

  • Ask Movers What They’re Doing to Mitigate Coronavirus Health Risks

Movers will be all over your place to pack the stuff and load it. They will touch your belongings, pack them, load them, and then unload them at the new location.

If the movers don’t take preventive measures, the risk of contracting the virus becomes higher. Thus, ask the movers what measures they adopt to lessen the risk of the virus. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. Address all the concerns that you have to ensure the safety of your loved ones.

You can also ask if the movers are vaccinated or not. If the majority of the movers are vaccinated, you can hire them to help you relocate.

 Next up, we have…

  • Check The CDC’s Recommendation 

Very important!

Before planning out your move, check the CDC’s recommendation for the moving process. For instance, the CDC recommends wearing a mask in public indoor venues. Thus, make sure that the movers and other house helpers you hire follow them strictly.

Following CDC’s recommendation is a must for people residing in high transmission areas to stop the spread of the virus.

The next consideration for moving during COVID-19 is…

  • Delay Your Move If You Are Sick 

Sick before the moving date? Hold on moving to a new place.

If you feel you have symptoms of COVID-19, get yourself tested and wait for the results. Isolate yourself and delay the moving plan.

Moving while you are COVID positive increases the spread. You will infect not only your family members but also the movers and house help.

Hence, wait until you are fully recovered. Get yourself tested again; if the results are negative, go ahead and plan your move. Likewise, if any family member has the symptoms of COVID, do not move out. Wait till the person has recovered from it, and then relocate to a new location.

Now, we’ll discuss the don’ts of moving during COVID-19.

  • Don’t Forget to Assess the Risk Factors

Assess your and your family’s risk before planning to move out. According to CDC, the following people are more at risk for severe COVID-19 symptoms:

  • Patients with chronic kidney illness
  • COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)
  • Heart patients 
  • Diabetic patients
  • Pregnant woman 
  • And unvaccinated individuals

If you have any person with the conditions mentioned above, be extra cautious. I would recommend sending that person to a relative’s or friend’s place on a moving day. So that they remain safe from contracting the virus.


Ask them to wear the mask and stay in a room until the movers have packed everything. 

Another thing to refrain from doing while moving during COVID-19 is…

  • Don’t Borrow Moving Boxes and Supplies From Unknown Individuals

Moving out and settling in a new place is pretty expensive. It is a good idea to save money where you can, but…

Borrowing boxes and supplies from your friends and family during COVID isn’t a good idea. Especially when the lender isn’t vaccinated or cautious about the virus.  Hence, I would recommend spending a little cash and buying the boxes to ensure your family’s safety. Buy your boxes from stores and places that practice proper care, and sterilize their stores regularly.

Talking about sterilization brings us to our last point on today’s guide, which is…

  • Don’t Overlook Cleanliness and Disinfecting 

The best way to prevent contracting the virus is by maintaining a high level of cleanliness and disinfecting.

Before the movers arrive, ensure to clean and disinfect all your belongings. Also, ask the movers to wash their hands with soap before they start packing your stuff. 

Make sure that you and your family members wear a mask when the movers are inside the house. Do not think that you don’t need to wear a mask because you’re vaccinated, nope!

Plus, make sure that the movers are also wearing their masks properly.

I would recommend keeping liquid soap or disinfecting wipes in the kitchen where everyone can use them. Keep sanitizing the high-touch surfaces, such as doorknobs, main door, etc.

Move Out Safely During COVID-19…

Moving out during a pandemic requires extra precaution. COVID-19 is contagious; it can affect you and your beloved family members in the absence of proper measures.

Thus, use the guide provided above to make your move safe.

Is there anything that we’ve missed? Please mention it in the comments below.

Have a safe move during COVID-19.

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