Best Tips and Tricks to help build your Brand Awareness

by Karen

Brand awareness for your brand is vital for your business to succeed, among your competitors. Continuously building brand awareness is very important for you to stay on top of the competition.


What is exactly meant by Brand Awareness?

Brand Awareness is your potential customers being aware of your brand, of your product, of your business or of your company. Unless your customers know about your brand, products, service, business or your company, how are they expected to give you business by purchasing your product or your service?

Brand awareness is making people know and remember your brand. They can do so by previously seeing the logo of your company or the name of your company. You build your business reputation by building brand awareness. You can increase your sales by acquiring new customers, retaining the old customers and beating your competitors, with a good brand awareness program.

Once your potential customers become aware of your products, your services and your company, you have to provide them with in depth knowledge of what you sell to them. A stage comes in brand awareness, when people can recognize your brand, seeing your logo or the name of the company, even from a considerable distance. This is known as brand recognition stage, which is after the brand awareness stage. This stage allows you to target your audience, generate leads and ultimately close sales.

How to build Brand Awareness for your business?

Building brand awareness is not a short term process. You need to build a strategy to make people know about your brand. It will help you to earn your customer’s trust and make your brand’s presence felt on so many channels.

You need to target highly specific audience for making a strategy for increasing your brand awareness among your customers. You have also to focus on brand recall and ways of engaging your customers.

You must be clear about your target market and develop buyer personas. You must have a focused audience. You must have people who would really engage with your brand.

Put quality before quantity always in determining your target audience. You have to focus on rate of brand recall on all platforms first. You can advertise on social media platforms and post your blogs to engage your online customers.

Important components for building your branding strategy

You have to be consistent in your ad efforts

It is really important for you. You cannot afford to be Off and On. Consistency makes people know about and remember your brand. Consistent visibilities of your logo, the name of your company or your products on various social media platforms make people remember your brand.

Consistency also adds to the SEO. In your Google My Business app, you can see that your NAP or your name, address and phone number is being continuously displayed when you search for your business. You should try to make it same on every social platform.

Make sure to keep the same name of your company on every Google app to make all the Search engines search your company clearly, without any confusion.

The consistency of appearance of your brand on every social platform will earn you the trust and faith of your customers. They will repeatedly return to your site to make more purchases. And you rank high on Google Search.

Keep on Investing on Advertising

You need to be careful about selecting the right channels for your brand to advertise on, while you invest on advertisement for your brand. You can select Social media platforms and Google advertising, to give you best results.

Your advertisements on Social Media platforms, such as Facebook, should be accompanied with a proper and resonating image of your brand and products. This makes Facebook also approve your ad. Do mind to include your logo in your ad.

Including your logo in your ads is a strategy that helps in increasing your brand awareness. Google with Adwords is also a great platform to run your ads. You can add search and display ads on to this platform. Search ads are text based and are visible when you Google for anything.

You must use brand’s target keywords for your search ads and images, which reflect your brand for your display ads. Your entire range of ads should be cohesive with each other and with your website. Your all efforts of ads in various formats, on all platforms should be exactly the same, to build brand awareness in your customers.

You should use Google advertising and social media platforms in tandem to get faster results in creating brand awareness for you.  It will help you to increase your leads and close your sales faster. Never forget about online advertising as it is the biggest opening to build brand awareness for you in most effective and speedy way. Digital ads will also allow you to track your customers and your Return on Investments.

Focus on your Social Media presence

Your social media presence determines the success of your brand awareness strategy. You must be regular in posting your ads. You must reply to all the comments received on Facebook. Your interaction with your customers makes your brand trustworthy to your customers. Answer their questions and solve their problems regularly that will make your brand popular in your customers.

You can also do a live stream. It is cost effective and helps in increasing your conversion rate fast. Choose the social platform that has the highest conversion rate; make interesting and enticing contents that will attract more people to what you have to offer to them.  Having good CTAs in your live stream will earn you leads fast.

You should create a hashtag for your brand in Instagram. It will help users discover your products and brand. Use hashtags that is generic, niche and branded to build brand awareness. It will help you to find followers many folds in no time.

The tone, colors and photos on your social media channels will help you build brand awareness real quick. It creates an Instagram theme for your brand that makes your entire photo on Instagram give a similar feel to the viewers and they can easily associate it with your company.

Pinterest will be a great help for you. This platform will help you to generate traffic continuously to your site. It will also give the people insight of your products. You do it by creating interesting visual contents that stands out among everything else. 

You may partner with other bigger brands

A referral program can be a great help to you to gain new customers and to increase your brand awareness. Your loyal follower helps you by sharing your brand with his friend.

Your brand gains trustworthiness by the word of mouth publicity from the friends of your customers. It is a referral program for your brand awareness strategy. It has been tried by so many leading brands.

You can offer a free trial to your new customers

Free things are never refused by anyone. Free trials make your new followers sanguine about the quality of your products. It helps building trust and brand awareness for your brand. Many leading brands have tried this strategy successfully.

You can do something positive for your customers

You must act positively towards your customers. Reply regularly to positive reviews, respond to comments made on social media platforms, or answer the questions put by your customers on Tweeter. You may also try your own form of positive branding.

This strategy has been tried by Dominos with immense results. People recognize you when you do something good. It helps in building positive brand awareness and attract customers to your products.

You provide value to your customers

It is a great way to build brand awareness. You can write a blog, a healthy blog for upkeep. You can blog weekly to keep your customers engaged to your brand. Blog writing services are there to help you if you are unable to do it for yourself for some reasons.

You should have topics, giving value to your potential customers. You can answer the questions asked by your customers in form of a blog. Your blog should be full of high quality information. The search engines takes into account of how useful your blog is to your readers. You should create blogs with right Keywords for SEO, to outrank your competitors.

Don’t forget to entertain your customers

Brand awareness can be achieved fast by entertaining your customers also. You can connect with your customers on a personal level and entertain them to gain brand awareness. A clothing brand has successfully done it. Their idea was to post entertaining contents that made their customers laugh. That won the game.

Keep on retargeting your visitors

Retargeting is the only way to win back those customers who visited your website but did not convert. Retarget your these customers as soon as possible. You may identify the area where your customers left your sales journey. You then finalize a retargeting strategy to bring back these customers to your business site to close a sale.

You can retarget in several ways. You can collect the data from your customers who visit your website and use this data to retarget them on social media platforms and Google ads. You can also use e mails to retarget your customers. Cart emails those are abandoned are most popular ways to retarget, by politely reminding them of their abandoned business. Use retargeting to build a strong relationship with your potential customers.

There are many brands with high level brand awareness. They have done it with techniques such as changing a logo, giving a unique business slogan, adding an emotion to their brand, giving a fresh look to their brands, with iconic colors, slogans, and unique ways of marketing their brands. You have also a strategy that helps your brand to continuously grow with time.

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