The first dance: which one best expresses you?

by Carter Toni

If you are planning your wedding, your close friends and family will have started suggesting everything from food, venue, music, guest list, and even budgets. Certain moments in a wedding are not decided by recommendations but by instinct and likeness. These moments can differentiate an event from a ceremony.

Wedding music has the power to uplift, thrill, or calm and relax your guests. Almost all of the emotions that you experience during a wedding can also be felt through music, which is important. Some songs don’t even need much practice. Although it is simpler to picture your first dance song when you have previously seen someone dance to it wonderfully at a wedding, selecting the one is difficult. However, if you truly want your wedding to stand out, think beyond the box when choosing first dance music.

Here are some tips for selecting the first dance song that can express you and your partner’s emotions.

1.Decide the length of your first dance song?

A song that is too lengthy may wear out your guests (they’ll be anxious to eat and hit the dance floor), but a song that is too short may leave your photographer with little time to capture this memorable moment. Your first dance song should be between 3 and 4 minutes. You should select the first dance song that is neither too fast nor too slow, is easy to dance to, and has acceptable lyrics.

2. Select the genre, artist, and tempo of your first dance song.

You can pick a first dance song by listening to a variety of music together and making a list of the songs that come to mind instantly or the ones suggested by loved ones. If you and your partner have a common musical interest, half of the work is done; otherwise, you need to show teamwork in deciding the genre, artist, and tempo that both of you agree with. 

3.Choose the lyrics that express your bond.

A song is made up of lyrics and beats. Without good lyrics, a song just beats. Lyrics are the soul of the song. You should choose song lyrics that reflect the love and bond between the couple for their first dance. Alternatively, you can select Remaster Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros. You can combine both of them and add a surprise element.

4.Examine the range of options

The choice of your song could not limit itself to a set playlist suggested by the internet. You can even explore instrumentals and 90s cover bands. You can even go for a remix of a Bollywood number if you are not afraid to be unconventional. A unique song can add a fun element to the party.

A 90s cover band from an entertainment agency can make your favorite vintage song feel fresh. The essence of old gold and the presentation of a live band with a new twist can make the whole audience’s hearts skip a beat.

5. Travel back in time.

That’s a certain method to pick something that’s been done before. Instead, listen to selected online playlists from the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s, and 90s for a few hours. There’s a reason why these years have produced so many classics! And picking a song that has been around for decades and has some gravity will give your first dance a wonderful sense of timelessness—something you won’t get from today’s one-hit-wonder pop artists!

6. It’s time to put them to the test.

Choosing the first dance song isn’t always as simple as listening to a song and declaring “that’s our song” (but if it works for you, that’s fantastic!). You might want to listen to a few different songs before settling on “the one” (kind of like dating, right?). So, limit your options to a couple of contenders and give each one a try to see which one feels appropriate. Yes, it may feel ridiculous and awkward at first, but you’ll be pleased you had a practice run, but taking dance classes would be fun to plan.


With so many options on the internet and recommendations from friends, selecting music is a challenge. Whether you choose a 90’s cover band or the latest romantic number as your first dance song. After walking down the aisle and pledging to love one another till death do us apart in front of our loved ones. If you and your partner have a personal connection to a song, your guests will sense the love you share on the dance floor, even if the song you choose as the first dance song is not a traditional wedding song.

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