The Purpose of Plastic cards

by Carter Toni

Have you ever wondered the credit card you hold is what kind of card? The plastic cards are sturdy. The elasticity of plastic is in plastic cards as well. Thus it is not brittle. PVC is the main component in making this card. However, there can be other materials as well. When you visit a shop, they give the customer a membership card is a great marketing tactic. That plastic membership cards are plastic cards. It hooks the customers to visit again. Your banking cards are financial, the membership cards are non-financial.

Uses of Plastic Cards(non-financial)

Non-financial cards are used for various purposes. Some of the uses by businesses are—

  • Loyalty Cards: On these cards, credits are stored for every purchase by a customer. The credit will give discounts in future.
  • Business Cards: These cards have information about the businessman’s identity. Partners or workers also get a business card.
  • Discount Cards: These cards have discounts to offer.
  • Gift Cards: You get a gift with this card.
  • Key Tags: These cards are made to collect information from the customers.
  • RFID cards: When going to a hotel and the owner gives a plastic card to open the door, it is an RFID card.
  • ID cards: Written on these cards are the identity of a person.
  • Event passes: These cards are passes to any event.

The cards are water and tear-proof. You can get a matte or glossy finish.

Plastic business cards are cost-effective. Businesses use the cards for authenticating their clients, storing and managing data, commitment from the customers for a long time, help customers, build brand recognition etc.

Chips, Barcodes and Strips in Plastic Cards 

Plastic cards have a chip in them. It becomes easy to track the card. In addition, you can know the premises of a particular event. Thus you do not need to worry about getting lost. A gift card or loyalty card are used by many companies to raise awareness of the brand. It gives brand recognition to the public. Some businesses use plastic cards so that the customers do not have to face delays for certain services. It includes using loyalty points and activating discounts. With the advancement of technology, many industries are using plastic cards on their premises. It helps to digitise the entry of people and secure the environment. Apart from chips, companies also use barcodes and strips. It protects the property from trespassers or intruders.

Printing of Plastic Cards

  • There are printing and manufacturing companies that print plastic cards. On their sites, you can upload the design of the plastic card— front and back. You can also choose the thickness of the cards.
  • In addition, two types of finish are available. One is matte, the other is glossy. Now the fun part is, you can use different finishes for both sides of the card. This mixture of finishes catches the eyes of the customers and is new in the market.
  • You can also provide variable data to your card. It is helpful if you want to make cards with unique data like the card number. To increase the curiosity of your customers, you can also include scratch cards. This is a good marketing strategy. Scratch cards can be used for the purpose of gift cards and discount cards.
  • To track or detect a card, you have three options. They are magnetic strips, barcodes and chips.
  • Though it might be expensive, some manufacturing companies charge a reasonable price. As the plastic cards have many advantages, thus it is becoming popular, day by day.
  • It stands as a marketing tool that can bring commitment from customers and also attract new customers. Because of it, now small businesses are also opting for plastic cards. Earlier, only big companies used to issue such cards. It certainly is a factor to bring in great profit and return customers.


From big tech giant companies to small businesses, the demand for plastic cards is growing. It can be made available in different forms, the design being all yours.

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