The role of the casino dealer explained!

by Glenn Maxwell

The role of the casino dealer explained

The role of the casino dealer has certainly evolved over the years, but the main role of a croupier has always been to assist in the conduct of a casino game. Originally, the word ‘croupier’ referred to the person who stood behind a gambler, with reserves of cash to aid them in their session. Later, it became known as the person who was employed to ensure gameplay runs smoothly, keep track of bets and collect money from a gaming table.

Dealers are extensively trained and experienced in all casino games, and in the modern day, they’ll even host games at the live casino online, where their talents are put to the ultimate test.

Join us as we take a look at the role of the casino dealer, and how this has evolved over time.

The role of a dealer

The job description of a dealer dictates that they must have an acute and in-depth understanding of the games they deal. This includes the rules of the game, minimum and maximum bets, payouts and side bet rules, as well as the state’s gambling regulations and rules of the establishment they are employed by. Overall, Croupiers are responsible for running the games, interacting with players, handling bets and should have good math skills.

All dealers are trained at specialised croupier colleges, with programmes that cater towards those that strive for a career within the gaming industry. This way, they’ll be adept at a variety of casino classics, and able to properly provide a smooth and fair experience for players, no matter the game at hand.

A dealers’ attire

Part of a casino dealer’s role is to set an example of casino etiquette. This not only helps to add to the classy atmosphere that many gaming establishments wish to uphold, but it creates respect and formality. To do this, a dealer will be required to wear formal clothes like a white shirt, waistcoat or suit jacket, with a dark coloured tie. Your hair should be neat and you should remain well-groomed. Women tend to wear black cocktail dresses, but generally have the option to opt for a suit jacket instead if they so wish.

Live casino dealers

In the modern day, dealers are expected to not only have fantastic people skills and host the games in a face-to-face fashion, but their skills are put to the ultimate test when they’re put in front of a screen to host the games virtually, in real time, to those sitting at home, looking for the live casino experience.

During an online live game, the dealer might be expected to dress according to the theme of the game, such as in a football kit if they’re hosting a game like Football Roulette, for example. Alongside their usual card-dealing and wheel spinning, a live dealer will need to interact with players they can’t see, explain how games and any promotions might work, as well as keeping the authentic casino atmosphere alive through the camera.

Ultimately, becoming a dealer can be hard work, but meeting new people and showcasing your gaming talents can make this complex, customer-facing, entertaining role worthwhile.

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