There Is An Innovative Promotion At Bingomillionariocnn com!

by Moore Martin

Bingomillionariocnn com

According To –  bingomillonariocnn com CCN has its innovative promotion, For its clients, Centro Cuesta Nacional has launched the “Bingo Millionaire CCN” promotion. Over a period of 15 days, the company’s main brands (National Grocery Stores, Jumbo and House Incline, Playful Books, Costs, Bebomundo), suppliers, and 119 sponsors contributed 16,000,000 pesos to the prizes.

It is a unique event in the country’s retail sector in which all our brands and many of our suppliers work together to provide traditional bingo through a digital platform for Dominicans.

(Vice President, CCN Marketing) said that it is very important for CCN to feel its suppliers’ support and their union, especially by developing and recognizing loyalty initiatives that add value to our customers and increase their value.

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From March 25 to April 11, customers can generate electronic bingo cards when purchasing sponsor brand products or paying with MasterCard debit and credit cards.

The cards must be activated through the promotion portal the day after you make your purchase.

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At 9:00 pm each night, CCN Vision will broadcast Bingo Millionaire CCN Vision. The draws will also be broadcast on the social networks of @bingomillonarioccn on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. bingomillonariocnn com CCN has its innovative promotion

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