This Season’s Must-Have Festive Gifts

by Carter Toni

In a world of high-tech gadgets and innovative music players, it’s important to get back to the basics every now and again. This season, take a break from your overpriced smartphone and invest in some good old-fashioned gifts that can be enjoyed all year round. From luxurious cashmere jumpers to handmade soaps, we have picked out our top svenfestive picks for you. So go on Santa! It’s what everyone wants this year!

Cashmere jumpers

Cashmere is ridiculously luxurious and can be enjoyed all year round, not just at Christmas time! These soft jumpers are the must-have wardrobe essential for any fashionista with an eye for detail. A great way to mix up your look is by pairing your jumper with your favorite jeans, dress, or skirt

Festive cocktails

There are loads of easy to make festive cocktails out there that you can try. Just pick up the ingredients for these cocktails from your local supermarket or local liquor store, and make one of these festive drinks today!

Handmade soaps

Nothing says festive like the smell of lavender and lemon! Handmade Lavender Lemon Slices might sound like something that would be better suited to baking than bathing, but trust us – they smell amazing! They make a great gift for family and friends.

Christmas tree decorations

This season, climb up onto the roof to decorate your Christmas tree! The Christmas tree is perfect for those that love to mess around with ornaments. Ornaments are typically small, delicate pieces of design that can be hung from the branches. With little lights and baubles all over, what could be more festive? You can also head down to your local craft store or garden center to pick up some garlands of fresh flowers for your tree. In order to preserve your beautiful baubles, make sure to use a feather duster to dust them.

Christmas crackers

A Christmas cracker is a thin cardboard tube wrapped in festive paper and filled with small gifts such as jokes and toys. They can be used as part of your traditional Christmas celebrations or as an alternative to the party bag! There are many different ones available on the market for those who prefer not to pull their crackers, including joke-crackers.


This season, get a head-start on your Christmas shopping and get that perfume you have been coveting all year. We all dream of that one perfume that we can wear to special occasions, and this season you might just be lucky enough to find it! They make great gifts for family and friends, so be sure to mix up your Christmas list this year.

Beauty products 

Christmas is the time to pamper yourself and those around you! So if someone on your Christmas list has been good this year, why not spoil them with some beauty products? You can find a huge array of cosmetics that make great gifts for everyone. Be sure to mix up your makeup routine this season with beautiful gift sets that are available for everyone on your list.

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