Tips for a Balayage Look

by Carter Toni

Balayage Look

Once you color your hair, you need to treat it with an after-coloring treatment, and balayage is a perfect choice. It is becoming standard in most salons as time goes, and most people prefer it for its many pros.

However, this hair treatment can be overwhelming to first-timers, but researching and consulting will make things easier. This guide will make your work easier as a beginner or a pro who wants to learn new and better balayage coloring techniques. Take a look.

1. Communicate With Your Stylist

Every client desires a specific look at the end of the procedure, and the only way you can get what you want is to communicate openly with the hairstylist. If you are the stylist, ask the client any questions and clarifications on anything you don’t understand. Ask about their hair history, what look they want to achieve, and their budget. This will help you know what they want. You can also ask if they have pictures. Photos help you understand better.

Communicate With Your Stylist

2. Advice The Client About Their Choice

Although you are at work and want to get a coin, don’t always do what the client asks you to do. According to LoveHairStyles, if they come in asking for a balayage and it is not a good idea for them, maybe because of the hair type, advise them that it is terrible. A balayage might not be the best option if the client wants over four levels of lift or if they are not patient enough to wait for the procedure to end.

3. Avoid Using Too Much Product

You always want your hair to stay healthy and strong, so you should also like that for your client’s hair. Using too much product could damage the hair, and the client won’t be happy. Apply enough product on the hair and be patient with the results. Tell them the adverse effects if they ask you to add a product because they desire faster outcomes.

4. Get The Right Product

As balayage grows in popularity, so are most companies getting into the balayage production business. This can lead to the production of fake products, which come from cheap ingredients. These can lead to hair damage and skin burning on the scalp. Ensure you get your balayage products from known companies. Read the ingredients to ensure they are favorable and will not cause damages.

5. Use The Right Application Technique

Different stylists use various applications techniques, and some fail. Ensure you pay attention to the client’s hair practice makes perfect, and so does practicing on hair painting. Ensure you use the right amount and give it enough time to absorb. Also, have the consistency of your formula. Use the correct pressure when applying the product, and also take note of the motion of your hands.

Use The Right Application Technique

6. Experiment Different Application Techniques

You have to try different application methods to get the best out of your balayage hair coloring. However, when testing the techniques, research first to not mess up with your hair, which could be hard to revert. You can also consult other colorists for the methods they use and ask how the results were.

7. Surface Painting Is Important

If your client’s hair is damaged and they still want to brighten it, use the surface painting technique. This allows you to saturate the top only, but you will not get to the under sections. Ensure you use the right amounts of product to achieve the perfect look the client is looking forward to.

8. Keep The Transitions Natural

Transitions are essential details of hair coloring. Ensure the change from treated and untreated hair is not pronounced by getting an excellent transitioning technique that ides lines of demarcation. You can decrease the product in the transitioning area.

9. Get A Natural Placement

If the client wants a natural look at the end of the balayage coloring, do your best to create that look. You need to research how best to do it. If you don’t know how to, refer them to someone who does and ensure you practice more. Sometimes you might have mastered a lot about this coloring technique but some aspects just need more practice and would be better off if you leave them to professionals.

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