Tips for finding your dream wedding dress!

by Glenn Maxwell

Buying your wedding dress is such an exciting and important part of your wedding day preparations. Your wedding look will be heavily photographed, so choosing a wedding dress is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Read on for some tips to help you find your dream dress without the stress.

Do some research

Before you even step foot in a bridal boutique, you need to do some research. Pinterest is a great tool for looking at multiple dresses and styles to find out what you like. If a certain look or style stands out to you, make a note of it.

You’ll also want to research where you need to go to try it on. Not all bridal boutiques are created equal, so you’ll want to find one with trusted brands that offer you a relaxing and luxurious experience. Look for trusted brands such as Ronald Joyce wedding dresses, which show gorgeous images of real-life brides. This way, you can see the dresses you love on real women. Look for pictures of women with a similar body shape to yourself to better understand what will suit your shape.

Choose who to take with you

Once you’ve done a bit of research and you have some idea of what style and brand you’re looking for, you’ll need to decide who to take with you to try on. Try not to take a huge bridal party with you. Consider taking one or two friends and the mother of the bride. Having too many conflicting opinions can add a layer of unnecessary stress. Invite close friends who will give you their honest opinion.

As well as considering how it makes you look and feel, it’s also worth considering how the dress fits your theme. If you’re having a large wedding fit for a princess, you may want to go for a classic romantic style, yet if you’re going for an intimate beach wedding, you might choose a more modern simple style.

Have a budget and stick to it

It can be easy to get carried away when shopping for beautiful dresses, but you have a budget for a reason. Choose your budget and stick to it. Don’t be embarrassed to let any boutique assistants know what your budget is, and ask them not to show you anything out of your price range.

Consider your underwear

When trying on any wedding dress, it’s important to consider your underwear. Ensure you wear the same type of underwear you’re likely to wear on your wedding day. Otherwise, it can be difficult to gauge if you’ll have underwear lines or any bra straps showing. If you’re not sure yet what direction you’ll take, feel free to take a few underwear options with you to the fitting.

Move around in your dress

When trying on dresses, remember to move around and sit down. Your wedding dress needs to be functional as well as beautiful. On your wedding day, you’ll need to be walking, sitting, eating, and dancing, and your dress must be able to keep up.

Enjoy it!

Lastly, enjoy it and be present. Your wedding day is all about you and making sure you feel like a queen. So take your time, ask questions and enjoy the process. Start your dress shopping journey with plenty of time before the big day so you’re not feeling rushed.

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