5 Things to Consider When Erecting a Fence!

by Glenn Maxwell

Carrying out home renovations around the summer is a normal activity for most people, whereby, they want to improve the ambience of their home in some way, or rectify a flaw that’s been gnawing at them for a while. Often, the area majorly renovated is the home’s outside space, maybe a garden is created or redesigned, or most likely, a new fence is installed. There are different reasons why most people choose to install a new fence, which include improving security, increasing privacy, changing the outdoor aesthetic, or elevating the ambience of the home’s outside space. Whatever the reason, before commencing this home improvement project, certain factors should always be considered. These main factors are highlighted below.

Factors to Consider When Erecting a Fence

1. Knowing What You Want

The first factor for consideration when erecting a fence is why you want to install a fence in the first place. Knowing this answer goes a long way in choosing your materials and ultimately what type of fence you install. There are many reasons why anyone would want to install a fence, the most common of which is for want of privacy. A lot of homeowners would love nothing more than to lounge freely in their backyard, away from prying eyes, and erecting a solid and tall fence guarantees this. Another common reason is due to pets, especially dogs, as homeowners want their dogs to freely roam their yard, without fear they’d wander off and go missing. For this, a simple chain-link fence is a great option. If you’re quite unsure of which material would be ideal for your property, you can contact Noblesville fence company and they’ll hook you up with what you need.

2. Know Your Property

If there’s one factor you must consider before even thinking of installing a fence is where your property starts and ends. Doing your homework and checking your documents to find out the precise property line is a must, as you would not want your neighbor to trespass on your property, the same goes vice versa. Talking to your neighbour about your intentions should also be done, as well as researching building codes and regulations in your city and particular neighborhood. If you’re trying to figure out how to install estate fencing, it is not too different from the regular process.

3. Fence Materials

A crucial decision to make is choosing the right fencing materials to use for your fence. The goal here is to choose the material that best suits your needs, from the variety of styles and materials that fences come in. The most commonly used fence material is wood; however, using wood may not necessarily meet your needs, especially given the upkeep and annual maintenance it requires. Depending on your particular needs, that is, your reason for installing a fence, other alternatives like vinyl, aluminium, bamboo, metal chain links, etc, may appeal to you.

4. Make a Budget

For the perfect execution of any plan, taking into account your budget is always advisable, and the same goes here. Knowing what you have and how much of it you intend to spend on erecting a fence should always be properly considered. Especially since the fence material you choose will make significantly affect your plans.

5. Plan for Gates and Multiple Entrances

A constantly overlooked factor in fence installation is gate entrances. You should always plan for an entrance or two in the fence, and attention should be paid to the size of the entrance.

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