Tips for Mobile Night Photography

by Carter Toni

Mobile Night Photography

Photos are a fantastic way to keep your memories and events intact and preserved when they happen. Even with the best technology and phones, getting a breathtaking picture at night is rather challenging. This shortfall is primarily due to poor lighting and insufficient pixels, especially for most smartphones.

Here are a few tips and tricks that work wonders for nighttime photos regardless of the phone model you are using;


Good quality pictures are highly dependent on how stable your hand is when you click the capture button. This problem is significantly multiplied during mobile night photography mainly because it is already hard to see in the dark. To get quality photos at night, you should get a tripod.

A firm tripod will help you get the light you need into the subject before taking the photo. Using the vivo Y33s phone will need close to ten minutes to get the perfect shot with fantastic lighting. You get longer exposure times when using a tripod.


During the day, you have more freedom with your settings instead of with mobile night photography. This means that features like the level of ISO, aperture, and shutter speed need to be adjusted to certain degrees to get high-quality pictures at night.

Like the vivo Y33s, some phones make it easier to make the necessary changes from the camera setting. At night, the dark areas in a photograph are significantly enhanced, and thus getting the ISO as low as possible will give you a better chance of getting a great photo.

Expanding your aperture at night will allow more light into the photo and reduce the depth of the subject’s field, resulting in a clearer image. It would be best to increase the shutter speed to avoid blurry photos of an image in motion. Still, images at night fare better with a longer shutter window, giving the camera the time to remove any shadows and focus better on the image.

Using the autofocus setting can do more harm than good. It is recommended that you set your manual focus to infinity and turn on the magnifying lens without disabling the autofocus so that the images can become more crisp and detailed.

It is best to shoot RAW images instead of jpegs as they have more details. Other tricks include using the Bulb mode, which extends the shutter period past the thirty-second mark. This mode is helpful because the shutter will remain open as long as you hold on to the button. 


The main factor to consider for mobile night photography is increasing the light in the shot. An excellent way to do this is to ensure that the subject is in the path of light. This could be anything from light from a restaurant and even the moon.

Another great way to ensure that images come out well at night is by bringing flashlights and ring lights to the photoshoot. Phones such as vivo Y33s have a great flash that enhances light and clarity at night.


Editing works wonders in sharpening and bringing focus to certain aspects of the photo. You can sharpen a dull-looking image and add some color to make it pop more. Editing helps to bring together different elements of a photo and enables you to find a way to make it all work together to better the image.

Many picture editing software and apps are relatively easy to use to get your desired results. If you had shot the images as RAW, you would need to bring life into them with the power of editing.


Whether you will be taking an impromptu or planned photo, you must assess the surroundings. Your location will determine if you need to get any extra equipment and if an elaborate setup is necessary, especially for photoshoots. You get to decide what angles work best for the lighting available in that particular place.

You can get unique and breathtaking photos even at night when you use some of the tips listed above. The advancement in technology has ensured that new phone models are better equipped to handle nighttime photos. It is essential to familiarize yourself with the camera menu to quickly change to the necessary modes to get that amazing image you desire.

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