Tips for Staying Organized This Summer!

by Glenn Maxwell

With warm weather around the corner, there’s a lot to do in order to prepare to have the best summer you can possibly have. Summer months are marked by adventures, vacations, time with family, and enjoying the sunshine. They also take a lot of time to plan. This is the most common time to get away with friends and loved ones and catch up, enjoy each other and get away from the normal rhythms of life. 

So as you start planning out your summer adventures, here are some key tips to keep in mind for helping you stay organized and on point. 

First, Plan Out the Macro 

When it comes to understanding how to get the most out of your summer months, a great strategy is to start with the big things and work backward. Missing the little details can be detrimental to your summer plans, but it’s hard to get all of them on paper, or into one cohesive thought process. So start big, and then work backward from there to grab all of those small details.

Grab a journal, your favorite note-taking application, or even just some scrap paper and write down your big goals. These can be camping trips, family vacations, and weekend trips to go visit and see friends. This doesn’t always have to be centered around a trip or an experience, maybe you have some goals that are personal or affect your home. The summer is a great time to work on the yard of the house, so put your project goals on this list as well. 

Once you’ve flushed out everything you can think of doing, grab a calendar and move to the next step.

Get an Idea of the Amount of Time You Need

Whether you use a physical calendar or digital, now comes the time for figuring out what you can actually fit into your summer months. If you are using a physical calendar, use a pencil so you can easily erase and correct as needed. But putting all of these goals into a calendar can help to really put into perspective all the things you need to get done in order to accomplish your goals. 

Not only does a calendar help give you clarity, but it will also help you understand what you actually want. Seeing the limit that time constraints can make will help you understand what is actually going to be enjoyable. Maybe you notice that there is too much on your calendar to actually be restful, or maybe you find large gaps you need to shore up and fill in. 

Now Comes the Planner

Once you have the big stuff down, start working backward to understand what steps it will take to get you where you need to be. This is a great way to actually take into account the work and commitment your goals will take and help you get the organization that you need. 

What Do You Need To Upgrade?

One of the ways that you can prepare for the busy summer months, is to upgrade simple things that can help you reach your goals and accomplish what you want to accomplish. Upgrading your wardrobe and making sure you have simple, effective tools can go a long way for staying organized and enjoying your summer. 


One simple tool that can help you stay organized is a quality wallet. Wallets are something that everyone uses, and it’s easy to not think too much of them, but the truth is it’s a tool you access on a daily bases. Your wallet can actually become a source of stress that you may not even realize. 

For instance, a wallet that can’t really hold the items and documents you need to keep on you can create an awkward, clunky experience. Every time you pull it out can end up being a struggle. Finding a wallet that’s made from high-quality premium material that is designed to make your life simple and streamlined can go a long way to helping you stay organized.

Book Bag

Another item that can help you stay organized and enjoy your summer is a high-quality book bag. Designed to keep your things in order, comfortable for the road, and reliable, very little can compare to a quality book bag to help you stay organized in the daily things of life, especially when you have a fun summer of travel and adventures. 


Preparing for the summer months is a worthwhile endeavor that can not only save you a future headache but can help you to really get what you want out of the warm months. Make this summer one that you will never forget. By using some basic planning and organizational strategies, you can ensure that this summer will be one that you get the absolute most you can out of.

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