Tips to Matching Your Perfume with Your Home Fragrance

by Carter Toni

In case you didn’t know, scents play a huge role in our day-to-day activities. Fragrances can influence how you feel and even provide you with a mood boost. The best part is that scents have a way of helping your brain store certain memories, even for years.

With all this in mind, many people consider matching their favorite perfume with their home fragrance – to create harmony and add some sense of personality.

Well, this is very much like matching clothes to a color scheme; you want to put something together that looks good. You want to create some magic molecularly, ensuring it is aesthetically appealing to you and your guests.

In this article, we shall look at a few tips to help you match your perfume with your home fragrance.

Identify Your Signature Perfume First

This goes without saying! You will need to have a signature scent (or several) that acts as your reference point when choosing a home fragrance. When finding your signature scent, you should know that perfume scents vary widely in terms of strength and fragrance type.

Different perfumes also contain different ingredients that make up the base, middle, and top notes. While trying different notes will help, this means that you can always combine a few different scents to create a unique fragrance. This is largely what designer perfumes are all about.

Common Perfume Fragrances

On this note, woody, warm, floral, fresh, and orientals are some of the most common options available. As for the perfumer type, you will also have several options to pick from, including body splash, roll-on, cologne sprays, and much more.

The main idea is to pick something you’re more comfortable in – a perfume that suits your needs and activity levels.

Find Similar Scents across Home Fragrance Products

The second step, as you might have guessed, involves choosing your home fragrance. From air fresheners to scented candles, diffusers, incense, and pillow mists, you will also have a wide range of options to pick from.

For a starting point, Jo Malone scents provide a wide range of choices to pick from when it comes to fragrant candles and room diffusers. You may also want to match your perfume and home scent with the current season.

Picking the Right Home Scent

When picking your home fragrance, make sure the notes pair well with those from your personal perfume without creating a confusing fragrance.

Also, it is best to go for a natural fragrance that you can easily match with warm colors. This makes the home scent welcoming to you or a guest as soon as they enter your front door. If you want a seductive scent, say for the bedroom; pick one with a lighter, subtle smell.

The Essence of Matching Perfume with Room Scent

Why would anyone want a home fragrance that matches their perfume? Well, there are several reasons for this. One, it creates some kind of harmony. Moreover, it’s a great way to take your signature scent a notch higher. Your guests and people you interact with will probably think about you whenever they encounter a similar scent anywhere.

You need not feel overwhelmed when it comes to matching your perfume with a home fragrance. As much as it can be a daunting task, all you need is to know how to pair the notes from your perfume with just the right fragrance for your home. Hopefully, the above few tips will help inspire your creativity.

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