Tired of Plain OOTDs? Try These 6 Tips to Look Elegant!

by TechloverSAhmad

All people had to face each day following their daily cycles and routine. This can be boring and tiresome. No one would ever love the thought of doing the same things over and over again. But hey, there is a way to feel more awesome every day despite routines! You just have to feel more confident in yourself. Feel yourself and present yourself in a different and spiced-up way!

One way to do that is to avoid looking plain. We already know that you have to do the same things and follow the same routines every day. But that should not mean that you also have to wear the same plain outfits. As far as possible, you should strive for a more elegant and stylish look! This will make you feel better each day. If you want to know some tips on how to look elegant and stylish, just keep on reading!

1. Pair your outfits with an elegant timepiece

Timepieces are great additions to spice up everyone’s outfits. Even the plainest outfit can look a little bit more elegant if paired with an elegant-looking wristwatch. For instance, if you had to wear the same pair of T-shirts and jeans in your workplace or school over and over again, a bold and elegant black wristwatch will make the overall appearance more stylish. Timepieces from the Omega, Tissot, and Panerai are a good pick! They offer a wide variety and designs that will suit any outfit of your choice. As you pick, consider choosing the most versatile looking so it will be able to complement any outfits that you may wear on a daily basis. Whichever to pick, do not worry because timepieces from these brands are trusted for their high-quality and durable products!

2. Have your nails done

Aside from wearing an elegant timepiece, having your nails done will also make any plain outfits stand out. It can also complement any plain outfits that you have to wear on any occasion. For example, if you have to wear a plain dress during your church visits, it will be better to paint your nails a darker color. Not to mention that darker nail paints can make you look more stylish and elegant on your own. Also, having a well-polished nail will leave an impression that you are a classy person. Better if you wear your timepiece at the same time so that both add-ons will give you the look that you want to achieve.

3. Wear your favorite perfume

Aside from the add ons, wearing your favorite perfume will give you that signature scent. When you have already established your signature scent, it will automatically make you feel more confident in yourself. It will also leave an impression to the people around you that you are using the most expensive perfume. Hence, it will make you look elegant in an instant! Besides, scent can also make you look attractive! As you choose your perfume, make sure that you will be consistent in using it. You should also choose the one that smells distinct; not the one that smells like the others.

4. Always wear a belt

You might feel like wearing loose outfits gives you the comfort that you want. However, loose outfits will make you look dull and plain. If you make sure to use a belt to fasten it up, your body figure will be highlighted. Thus, it will give you a chic style. The key is if you want to avoid looking plain, you have to make sure that you stay away from outfits that do not highlight your body structure. If you can’t avoid these outfits, just use a belt that will suit it. It will do the job!

5. Wear your stylish pieces of jewelry

If there is one hack into looking elegant, it is no other than wearing elegant and classy jewelry. But remember to not overdo it. Choose among your pieces of jewelry. For instance, you may choose to wear your gold necklace for today as it compliments your outfit for the day. The following day, you may opt to wear your silver earrings as you wish. Just choose one and let it shine for that particular day. You have tomorrow to showcase all of your treasured pieces of jewelry. It is also your chance to choose one that suits your style for the day. Thus, you will also be able to avoid repetitive looks and aura.

6. Make sure that your outfit is ironed

At the very least, no matter how stylish and elegant your outfit is, the first rule is to make sure it was ironed. If you wear it looking crushed, you will look unpresentable. This already canceled your goal to look elegant and stylish. On the other hand, even if you wear the most simple outfit, as long as it is polished, you will look elegant in some way. So before thinking of add ons to your plain outfits, make sure to have plenty of time to iron your clothes. Wearing messed-up clothes will not do you any good. All other efforts to look elegant and stylish are the ones to follow.

In a Nutshell

Looking elegant and stylish is the ultimate goal for all people who want to avoid looking plain daily. If you are one of those, we recommend that you follow some of the tips that we have listed here. For instance, you may pair your outfit with an elegant timepiece that will instantly give you that classy look. You may also choose to have your nails colored by a complementary color for your outfit. Make sure to also wear your favorite perfume to have that signature scent. If you often wear loose outfits, you better start using belts to fasten it up and highlight your body figure. You may also choose to wear your jewelry as an add-on. Last but not the least, make sure that you iron your clothes to look presentable.

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