Top 10 grooming mistakes balding men make

by Carter Toni

Balding at an unexpected time can have a major impact on your lifestyle and mental health. Unfortunately, there aren’t many helpful solutions that would guarantee your victory against balding.

The best alternative to a balding patch is to shave your head using the best head shavers available to you. This method is trusted by many balding men as it is cheap and even makes you look younger.

However, regardless of the uncountable failure reports, still many balding men make these common grooming mistakes and end up making it worse.

10 Notable grooming mistakes made by balding men

Once you start balding, it is natural to lose your confidence and try everything within your reach to get your hair back. These unmonitored methods are usually nonfunctional and may have adverse negative effects on your balding head.

Thus, it is important to be familiar with these top 10 grooming mistakes and avoid them at the earliest.

1. Expect the same hair growth with haircuts

It is okay to experiment with different hairstyles but not when your hair is at stake. Balding men often think that different haircuts can conceal the balding patch and regrow the original hair.

Needless to say, they are wrong. In fact, frequent hair styling can harm the hair texture and escalate the hair fall.

The best alternative here, is head shaving. Shave off the unhealthy hair and get an even and clean look.

2. Overdo the scalp with different ineffective products

Contrary to the popular belief, using a wide range of hair products from different manufacturers, will not be of much help when you are balding.

You need to understand that the deed is done and no amount of hair products like shampoos and conditioners could fix your balding scalp and loose follicles.

The best way to get rid of this is to shave your head and style it with a proper head shaving kit.

3. Excessive tanning

If you go bald, tanning can help to a large extent. It makes your skin look attractive and healthy, to go with your shaved head.

Excess tan on your skin can lead to serious complications like sunburns and heat strokes.

Sunbedding should be carried out with an expert’s supervision and getting more tan won’t make much difference.

4. Using the wrong shaving tools

In recent times, the primitive bald head razor is being replaced by a smart electric head shaver in many households.

Bald shavers are usually preferred as they offer a smoother and more comfortable shaving experience for balding men.

Thus, to get a perfect head shave, use the best head shaving equipment and hacks.

5. Try to wear the same outfits

You need to understand that going bald will bring a prominent change in your overall appearance. Subsequently, your existing wardrobe needs to be updated to suit your new look.

Don’t be surprised if your favorite outfits don’t hold the similar charm anymore.

Get a new apparel collection and experiment with colors as per your choices.

6. Abandon your head after shaving

After shave maintenance is a crucial part. Don’t forget to use a good qualitynatural aftershave after you are done shaving to get rid of irritation and dryness.

If you are shaving your head for the first time, use a premium pre-shave oil and go for wet shaving.

7. Shave once in a blue moon

Bald shaving has its own set of guidelines. Once you shave your head, you need to shave it at least once or twice a week to get rid of uneven hair growth and unpatterned ingrown hair.

The frequency of shaving might vary from one individual to another.

8. Overuse of blow dryers

Blow dryers can pose a threat to your scalp. They cause dryness and dandruff, leading to hair loss.

Thus, refrain from overly relying on hair dryers and let it dry naturally.

9. Ignore the beard

Just because you are losing hair, doesn’t mean you will ignore your beard which boosts your overall look.

Even if you never grew a beard, you should consider growing once you have started to bald.

A well-groomed dense beard makes you look attractive, masculine and stunning.

10. Look for unnecessary advice

Once the balding patch starts to appear, it is common for men to be picked on or bombarded with ineffective and unsolicited advice from everyone around them.

The best solution to this problem is to ignore these ‘well-wishers’ and be confident with your freshly shaved bald look.

Afterall, as they say, “Too many cooks spoil the broth.”

When you start to bald, it is possible that you look for every alternative which appears beneficial to you.

However, it is always better to cross check the solutions you will be referring to and if they are effective enough. Follow the besthead shaving techniques to get the perfect bald look.

Most importantly, be confident with your overall appearance.

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