Top 11 Best Gift Ideas for 10-Year-old Girls

by Carter Toni

10-year-old girls are still young, but they’re also starting to get interested in makeup, hair, and clothing and they’ll love experimenting with all of these things as they form their personal style. For 10-year-old girls who are starting to enjoy the finer things in life, our gift ideas range from beauty kits to jewelry and accessories.

If you’re looking for a gift that will make a 10-year-old girl, feel like a princess, check out our list of the best gift ideas for 10-year-old girls. She’ll adore the chance to play dress up and experiment with her look!

1. Toys

Toys are the most obvious gift for a 10-year-old girl. Even though she may have grown out of toys like Barbie dolls and action figures, there are plenty of other exciting toys for her to choose from. In fact, 10 is a great age for science kits, model cars and planes, and other more advanced sets. Tech toys are also popular with this age group. A digital camera or an MP3 player can keep her occupied for hours on end.

2. Books and magazines

Many girls at this age love to read. They often have favorite authors that they follow from book to book. If you aren’t sure what they like, consider purchasing a magazine subscription instead. There are lots of magazines geared toward 10-year-old girls such as Girl’s Life Magazine or National Geographic Kids Magazine. A magazine subscription can last several months and will keep them entertained throughout the year.

3. Craft kits and supplies

Most girls love crafts by the time they’re 10 years old. They may be ready to start making their own jewelry or learning how to sew. You can also find craft kits that include everything they need to get started with a new hobby like scrapbooking or candle making.

4. Music and Movies

Any 10-year-old girl probably loves music and movies, so buy her CDs and DVDs from her favorite artists or movies.

5. Electronics

A lot of kids love electronics, so think about buying her a digital camera, cell phone or MP3 player. Be sure to check with parents before buying an electronic device that requires a contract or monthly fee, though.

6. Pink Marble Notebook

Is she always scribbling away in her notebook? With this pretty marble notebook, she’ll never want to stop writing again.

7. Headphones

These headphones were designed with kids in mind. They comfortably fit on smaller heads and won’t hurt her ears like regular headphones do. The sound is clearer too, so she can listen to her favorite music or podcast without any problems.

8. Lip Gloss Set

This lip gloss set comes with nine different shades of pink, so she can mix and match depending on her mood. All the glosses are 100% natural, and they smell amazing too!

9. Makeup Brush Set

If she loves makeup, this brush set will give her everything she needs to apply it perfectly. Each brush is made with high-quality synthetic fibers and has an ergonomic handle for easy griping. The brushes also come in a pretty rose gold finish that matches the handles on all her other makeup brushes.

10. Jumbo Spirograph

The classic toy that lets kids create an endless variety of designs is back. This set includes 19 wheels, 2 pens, a design pad, and a storage case.

11. Crayola Light-Up Tracing Pad

This light box tracing pad has all the tools kids need to do basic drawing or tracing: it comes with 12 colored pencils and 10 blank sheets of paper, as well as 50 sheets of different images they can trace (animals, people, buildings, etc.). It also has a light function so that you can see the images through the paper clearly in order to trace them better. It’s a fun way to get kids into drawing!

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