Top 3 Digital Marketing Trends for Emerging Businesses

by TechloverSAhmad

If you are a business owner, there is a great chance that you are looking for efficient and innovative digital marketing strategies to get to the top of your niche and thrive in today’s online landscape. While your business can enormously benefit from the services of a digital marketing company, such as the PPC management services in Sydney, you should also incorporate the following digital marketing strategies that are trending in 2021 and will prove fruitful in the upcoming years.

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AI Chatbots

At times, AI integration in business models and marketing strategies seemed nothing less than some far-fetched idea. Today, it has become a reality for many businesses, especially those that want to stand out from their competitors. It has been analyzed that nearly 70% of global internet users have already interacted with business chatbots and got answers to their queries.

Let’s look at today’s apps and websites. We see that most of our internet interactions are tuned by AI (artificial intelligence), which are specifically incorporated to keep the visitors and viewers of the website engaged for a longer time.

It is estimated that AI chatbots are more likely to keep growing till 2025 while generating amazing business opportunities for businesses to generate more sales and grow their clientele.

AR (Augmented Reality)

Augmented Reality, also known as AR in short, provides the users with an interactive experience by generating a real-world atmosphere where technology-generated perceptual data boost the objects and products. AR comprises the three basic characteristics of real-time interaction, a blend of the virtual and real-world and an authentic registration of real and computerized objects.

Computerized Reality makes everyone excited, which is why marketers can make efficient use of this by incorporating it into their marketing strategies. Companies are integrating AR to provide their potential clients with a better experience and generate more revenue.

A typical example of AR would be IKEA and how it allows potential buyers to take a picture of their living space and test-place IKEA products/ furniture in it. That said, AR is more likely to generate a trend of amazing apps by bands who thrive to provide their potential buyers with a great experience.


Another innovative digital marketing trend that cannot be ignored, especially if a business wants to expand its target audience, is the trend of personalization. When it comes to personalization, it incorporates the personalization of all kinds of content, including product packaging, emails, content, and the products themselves. It is estimated that soon personalization will become a valid industrial standard.

It has been analyzed that nearly 70% of consumers get annoyed by repetitive advertising messages/ emails from brands. And nearly 90% of consumers feel enticement to indulge in business with brands that provide them with a personalized experience. If you look at the big companies, such as Amazon and Netflix, you find them on the top of the list of the companies that make an appealing use of personalization.

Final Thoughts

Businesses can no longer rely on educated guesses to make it to the top of SERPs and their respective niche, which is why they must incorporate innovative digital marketing trends to stay at the top of their business game.

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