Top 5 Reasons to Work With Ukrainian Dedicated Development Teams

by Carter Toni

Ukrainian Dedicated Development Teams

Nowadays, many big internationals run Ukrainian subdivisions of some sort. One would also be hard-pressed to find a major company that doesn’t outsource some of its software engineering or R&D to Ukraine. A lot of them consider getting their own dedicated team Ukraine the best way to outsource.

Under a Dedicated Dev Team model, a client gets a complete dev team tailored to their project at their disposal. It can be controlled either by a project manager from the vendor or with a combined vendor-client management team. This mode of cooperation can be extremely cost-efficient and retain a lot of flexibility and scalability if done right. And Ukraine is one of the places to go if you want to get the most out of it.

What’s So Special About Ukrainian It?

Countless factors build a unique Ukrainian case. Fleshing it out completely would require a detour into the history of Ukrainian higher education, the congruence of socioeconomic factors, and global labor market dynamics. Instead of all that, let’s bring the Top 5 Reasons That make Ukrainian software development special!

1. An Ecosystem That Is Not Too Old, but Is Already Well Established

Ukraine has virtually cornered the European market on C++ programmers, often ranking on the top spot in Europe, both in quality and quantity. And it is not so far behind on C#. How did that come to be?

Microsoft was one of the first to realize the potential of the Ukrainian IT talent pool, opening its Kyiv office almost 20 years ago. Many guys and gals who joined it fresh from the University bench, back in around 2003, since become recognized industry leaders and are responsible for bringing up whole generations of programmers.

Other big tech names like Samsung, IBM, Apple, Oracle, Siemens were soon to follow, opening their own offices in Ukraine. This contributed greatly to creating a vibrant IT ecosystem with a wide social net and a rich knowledge base.

2. Quality and Security

These go hand in hand – they are unsinkable apart. It is considered that internal development provides for better security – this statement is especially true in the world of proprietary software, where it’s less about building secure applications and more about keeping dirty secrets. However, outsourcing can deliver good results, provided that proper oversight and other safeguards are in place.

Additionally, there is no lack of world-class NetSec specialists here. Over the years, Ukraine has developed somewhat of a reputation for its hacker scene. Its counterpart – the highly prolific Ukrainian Sec, doesn’t get into the headlines quite as often. It is just an artifact of the media since these are the sides of one equation.

There’s also another consideration – making something truly secure doesn’t come cheap. If budgetary constraints exist, outsourcing might be a smarter option. It’s no wonder that global financial institutions, like Deutsche Bank, Barclays, or Murex, were quick to get an in on the big Ukrainian pull of top-quality specialists.

3. Strong Focus on R&D

GBKSOFT’s clients note that Ukrainian devs tend to be more inventive, resourceful, and creative than what they are used to from outsourcing to other places. The reason for it is a well-developed technical education system and technological culture. Way before Ukrainian IT outsourcing became a big thing and every Dremel tool had its own brainbox inside, many internationals were drawing on Ukrainian technical talent.

Automotive giants, like Renault, Ford, Saab, Kia, Volvo, and Porsche, apart from designing and assembling a lot of their electronics, have also begun to develop their proprietary software in Ukraine too. The same goes for tooling manufacturers like Siemens, Bosch, Texas Instruments, Panasonic, or Qualcomm. With a lot of electronics and microcode being done in Ukraine, to begin with, these companies feel comfortable bringing their software projects to Ukraine too.

4. Trailblazing Character

Trailblazing Character

That’s a bunch of big corporate names, but is it feasible for a little guy to get on the same game? Yes, and countless many do, startups in particular. Many resounding startup stories have either pulled from an immense Ukrainian talent pool and ideas. You must have heard about some of them:

  • ML-based face swapping app Reface;
  • Spellchecker Grammarly;
  • DevOps platform Gitlab;
  • Blockchain infrastructure provider Bitfury;
  • Social media analytics tool YouScan;
  • Photo hosting Depositphotos;
  • And countless many others.

Also, there is no lack of specialists who dabble in or even work full time implementing breakthrough technologies like ML, VR, or Blockchain. That’s why startups from all around the world use Ukraine as a hub for their development too. A portion of GBKSOFT’s clientele comes exactly for that. Another reason for this popularity is a particular set of competencies and characteristics that Ukrainian devs tend to display – the ability to adapt on the fly and come up with unorthodox yet practicable solutions.

5. Software and Web Development at a Reasonable Price

And it’s not only good for head-in-the-clouds upstarts, who can get a lot of mileage out of development in Ukraine. A lot of practically-minded small and medium companies get their e-commerce platforms, mobile and web apps, and all sorts of other digital products developed in Ukraine out of the sheer cost-to-benefit calculation.

Hourly rates for developers in Ukraine are still about 10% below those in neighboring EU countries, without any compromise to the quality of code or service. And with outsourcing models like Dedicated Development Teams, the savings can be even more substantial because of the flexibility and client control that it facilitates.

In the World of Possibilities, Consider Ukraine!

Whether you have a unique idea and don’t have a clue what it would take to bring it to fruition or if you need a to-specification product delivered on time and within budget – Ukrainian devs got you covered. Be it a charming e-store for a family business or a first-to-market technical marvel – there is a team with know-how and spirit ready to take on it. Ukraine is a place to bring a development project of any scale and complexity. And GBKSOFT is just the company to take it to – we offer 10 years of tried and tested know-how and experience in building projects for success!

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