Top 7 reasons of starting up a small business

by James Martin


If you have been waiting to explore your skills in the field of business then we welcome you to the board of this informative discussion. To start any type of business, you need to get out of your comfort zone. An idea that is lurking in your mind needs to come out. If you are ready to go for it, then you must know the basics of starting up a business.

Every new business begins on a small scale in a precautionary way to avoid major losses. We agree there are some risks involved in setting up a business, but there are various reasons to accept why these risks are worth the explanation. If you are still confused of how or whether to start your own business, then let’s discuss some major reasons to come to a positive conclusion… We bet you will be more confident of a business start-up after this article.

7 Reasons to start-up a small business:

  1. You become self-motivated:

Working under someone and working for your own idea makes a big difference. It is like raising a baby of your own with your own thoughts and passion. Regardless of how many efforts you out for someone, you don’t share the profits but just the rewards set by the company. Being a boss of your own makes you motivated to work every day. Moreover, your productivity isn’t compromised.

  1. You are pursuing your own dream:

As an employee you are making someone else’s dream come true with your efforts and hard work. Following your own dream can make you proud of your achievements one day. Being an in-charge of your own company, you can shape up your business goals and hone your skills with your time. Many business entrepreneurs who started small are billionaires today with their consistent and persistent hard work.

  1. Your business can be involved with social services:

One of the best reasons of becoming an entrepreneur is to setup your company for social service and benefit. For instance non-profit, charities, and NGOs can make you solve many issues in your community. A satisfied community means satisfied people that can help you earn good credibility for your start-up. You can then follow your passion for other similar business ideas too.

  1. Enjoy decision-making and financial independence:

Many people often come up with the idea of starting a business with the sole objective to enjoy financial comfort. We agree that the ultimate goal is to enjoy financial independence. With determination and patience, you can certainly make your business lucrative. Another reason why people prefer to be CEOs of their own company is the ability of decision-making. You may feel certain areas not productive in your job, but no one would pay attention to your ideas. However, in self-business the potential for growth is high. In short, when your business grows, you grow too!

  1. Your creative mind is well-utilized:

You may have spent years working in the corporate world, but how many people actually listen to you and take your opinions seriously? Despite a major compromise on your lifestyle, you are being underrated for your efforts. Very few lead and enjoy the success in a corporate world. Sadly, you still have to get the work done regardless of whether you like it or not. Starting a business may seem difficult and challenging as the results may not happen right away. With a creative mind, you will be able to enjoy the benefits all by yourself in the long run.

  1. You stay away from office politics:

Office politics is one of the major reasons for job dissatisfaction. Corporate world has always faced this issue. It is frustrating to see credits being given to the non-deserving, ideas being stolen, promotions not justified for the right individual, and more… Starting up a business takes away all such worries of office politics. You have complete control of the business and you know whom to hire and promote. Thus, the politics can also be controlled at the workplace.

  1. Enjoy tax benefits:

You can enjoy tax benefits from your own start-up. A start-up business needs funding however, you can enjoy some tax benefits and seek rewards through tax incentives. Having a financial consultant or accountant will help you in setting up a business and avail the most government tax programs. Some start-ups avail more benefits on taxes as the Government has special programs for women entrepreneurs, minorities, and more…

Each day brings a new challenge in business but, you need to accept these and engage your passion in the right direction. Knowing that you are planning to launch your own business can be quite empowering. You will also give so many individuals a story to chase their dreams. If you are all set and confident to begin the first step, click this!

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