Top SEO proxies 2022

by Carter Toni

If you want to take your SEO game to the absolute next level and fight the growing competition then the use of SEO proxies is a must. You can stay in touch with the SEO practices of your site, extend your ads limit, and manage your social media accounts, and do many other things.

Search engine optimization or simply SEO as most of you know it is a set of practices taken up by a site out there for the sake of ranking better on the search engines. It means having the most robust content, the addition of keywords that can act as the common research phrases people use so the search engine can bring your site among the search results, and the technical optimization of the site to its best standards.

Why SEO is so important?

Recently with the consistent emergence of new sites, blogs, and e-commerce platforms, it is becoming more and more difficult to stay active and current with the game hence the use of SEO proxies is becoming more dominant. If you don’t actively want to lose your customers to the SEO mistakes and technical falling outs of your site then you better keep your SEO practices more sophisticated and in line with the search engine you are ranking on.


What are SEO proxies?

When you are dealing with multiple SEO functions out there that you want to get around and all at the same time then you require the services of the SEO proxies. These serve as the dedicated IP that is acknowledged by various online services and is deemed authoritative. So, even when you are away a proxy will be taking over your SEO business for you to make a meaningful impact with the search engine and improve your ranking.

With the increasing competition it is paramount that your SEO practices remain unique and genuine and to be able to do it without the SEO tools you have to use SEO proxies as these will be able to remain in consistent contact with the search engine acquiring data on your behalf and setting things up until you can be available in-person to make certain changes or validate multiple SEO settings that were made available.

Best proxies available for you right now

There are tons of proxy services out there for SEO but if you want nothing but the best then have a look below;

Blazing SEO

This is one of the most competitive proxy SEO services out there, providing you with some of the fastest proxies in the SEO domain. You can have multiple proxies working for you without any bandwidth cap so this means ultimate speed without any downtime. A range of SEO proxies is available for you to choose from i.e. whether you want an archive scrapper or a Google captcha solving service, no matter what kind of proxy solution you require this service has got you covered.

There is a custom API that you can set up with this service which means that you can buy, replace or cancel proxies at your own convenience. It has its proxy locations in Germany, USA, Brazil, and South Africa, choose whichever you want depending on your preference.

Trusted proxies

This is a proxy providing platform that initially provides the proxies for SEM purposes, you can customize and optimize the proxies that you purchase from this platform for the sake of SEO software and web scraping. Forum spamming and craigslist posting proxies are not allowed and neither entertained. You can also visit the reviews left by other customers when they interact with a certain proxy for themselves, reading these reviews you can make a buying decision or at least come to terms with a proxy that you should be using. You can also ask for the geo-targeted proxy server plans.

High proxies

Now, this is one of the most competitive and high result-yielding proxy providing platforms out there, these provide you different services for various search engines out there. You can have proxies developed for Amazon, Google, and even Instagram, and various other social media platforms.

To ensure that everything remains as safe as it can be the proxies that are taken from the high proxies all use the username/password authorization and the authentication of the IP. You can ask for proxies such as the private, shared, virtual proxy network and even the shared VPN proxies.

Lime proxies

You can ask for the HTTPS proxies with the special packaging including the ticketing, gaming, or even the classified ads proxies. The virgin proxies offered by Lime proxies are fairly more popular than any other proxy the platform offers and these can be used for ticketing, social media automation tools, or even for some of the most restrictive websites. The Lime proxies enjoy 40 different server locations worldwide and provide the user with the ease of choosing which specific region they want to based on their own preference or convenience.

Proxy Key

You can use proxy key proxies for the sake of surfing the internet securely using your own deducted IP address. It provides the users with almost 99% of up-time, has server centers all across Europe and the USA, and furthermore is highly anonymous and offers very fast 1 GBPS connection speed to the targeted site. You can ask for either private or shared proxies, almost all of the proxies offered by the Proxy key can work with any SEO tool out there, and to be on the safe side of things require an IP and username authentication.

SSL private proxy

It offers a virtual private network and along with that provides the user access to the completely anonymous proxies for both shared and private proxies on the internet. Most of the servers are originally present in the United States and a consistent uptime is also promised with lightning-fast connection and browsing speeds.

These are some of the most popular SEO proxies that you can try, remember the private and shared proxies are going to have a solid difference in terms of performance so choose carefully and depending on the scope of the project or the performance you are expecting.

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