4 Reasons Why Coffins Might Be the Better Choice for a Last-Minute Funeral

by Carter Toni

Death can sneak up on us during the most unexpected time. With the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions on burial and health procedures, it becomes more important to quickly get through the funeral process to avoid the effects that come with breaking such regulations.

There may also be other reasons for needing a coffin for a last-minute burial but whatever the case may be, a coffin is definitely your best option.

It is the most common option:

This means that it is readily available and available in a variety of options. Because coffins have been around for such a long period, there is such a vast network of vendors offering great price ranges and a variety of designs and materials to choose from. It is also easier to access than other methods of taking care of the deceased’s body, as all you have to do is purchase and use via your funeral home of choice.

It is easier to decorate:

With a coffin, you can make adjustments and tweak the presentation of the coffin to fit the personality or theme of the burial. You can use flower arrangements with symbolic meaning as a representation of how the life of the deceased was lived or what their favorite flowers were. You can also use candles as a way to set a calming atmosphere for the attendees of the funeral. Other decoration ideas include using large photo frames and other memorabilia that are unique representations of who the deceased was at heart.

It is easy to transport and display the body:

As part of letting go and saying the last goodbyes, you and the other attendees may benefit from having a physical body during the funeral. Coffins are designed to be utilized in open-coffin funerals for this very reason- to view the deceased one last time. Its ornate and hardy design makes sure that pall-bearers do not have a difficult time transporting the coffin from one place to another.

Can be used for Cremations:

The process of cremation requires that the body to be cremated is lying on a flat surface. While there are other ways to go through the cremation process, a coffin can be a great way to have the body enter the crematorium with dignity. They can easily go through the process and finish the last part of the ceremony. This process will require the purchase of a wooden model coffin with metal lining, as metal would not disintegrate in the crematorium.

Choose a timeless coffin for your upcoming funeral.

The end goal of the burial process is to send off the deceased with a lot of dignity and pride by honoring who they were when they were alive and what they contributed to the world around them.  You are able to achieve this, despite having to set up a last-minute burial, by using a well-made and beautiful coffin.

The process of choosing is of course dependent on several factors such as budget considerations, the type of coffin you want, and the wishes of the deceased. Either way, understanding your ‘why’ will help you pick the best ‘which’ from a range of coffin burial options. Click here to see more coffin options.

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