Travelling with Foster Kids!

by Sean Dixon

When you decide to foster a child, they become a part of your family. To make their integration easier and feel complete, you need to involve them in all family activities. Doing so makes them feel loved and included, and it can also provide opportunities for creating bonds and building trust. Foster parents and families are encouraged to include their foster kids in their travel plans. This might be slightly different when doing so, but here are some tips to help you out.

Make the Necessary Arrangements

Before you start making plans, it is important to understand what taking foster children on a trip entails. You will be required to first find out if your foster child can travel outside the country. You will typically discuss this with your social worker or foster care agency. There may be reasons why this might not be possible, and you might not be aware of them.

Next, you need to make plans to keep your foster child safe. Their safety and welfare are of utmost importance, and you must demonstrate that you take both seriously. You may be required to make arrangements with local authorities and your supervising social worker and have your plans in writing before embarking on the trip.

If you are unsure about anything, it is always best to talk to a social worker to get the right information. The social workers at Foster Care Agency can answer any questions you have and will help you make the right safety and welfare plans for your foster child as you travel with them.

Book Early Morning Flights

Once you have made all the arrangements and been given the green light, it is time to book a flight. It is typically better to book an earlier one because these flights are usually less crowded. There is also little chance of them getting delayed.

Most people on these flights will be tired and want to sleep. Your kids might also want to sleep on these flights which means you will have peace of mind.

Plan What to Carry

Once the flight is booked and the departure date is approaching, it is time to start thinking about what to carry. Start with all the essentials you will need like different types of clothes. Look at destination local weather forecasts to determine this.

Next, buy the essentials you will need such as toothbrushes and toiletries. Ensure you get travel-sized products for all your gels, aerosols, and liquids. This will help you avoid delays at the game.

You can also pack your tech such as your laptop and headphones. If you are planning on carrying a power bank, check airline regulations to ensure you carry one with the right capacity.

Keep an Eye Out for Child-friendly Perks

Many airlines offer various kid-friendly perks. These airlines want to keep kids happy on flights, and so they will offer kid-friendly cartoons and films, snacks and headphones. Some even provide activity kits to keep your kids occupied on longer flights.

Travelling with your foster child will be a bit different, but you can make things easier by making the right arrangements beforehand. Everything else will remain the same including the preparation, checking the destination and keeping your kids occupied on the flight.

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