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by Carter Toni

Tripsitter is an educational source of information going through the responsible and safe use of psychedelics.

Like having a tripsitter see over your encounter, our goal is always to provide advice and help when preparing for your personal psychedelic journey.

We feel no product is inherently excellent or terrible – they are just chemical compounds, normal or unnatural, which one can find worldwide. It’s our relationship using them and just how we interact with them that can be both excellent or terrible.

Psychedelics have a great deal to offer when it comes to physical and mental health – but only when employed responsibly with the appropriate incorporation. Our aim is always to give trustworthy, well-researched information to help our viewers recognize how these substances function and the way to make use of them safely when it comes to personalized development and growth.

The past due Timothy Leary said it finest

Psychedelic medications cause freak out and temporary insanity in individuals who have not used them.

Our aim would be to provide you with the assets essential to demystify these elements and give our followers the essential instruments to utilize them efficiently.

Sign up for us while we explore the wonderful arena of psychoactive elements and just how they can be used to aid optimal health, self-progress, output, and more.

Who Are We?

Our at any time-expanding staff of psychonauts, medical experts, medical experts, and philosophers are already spending so much time to put together the Tripsitter project.

Collectively, we now have spanning a 1000 hrs of merged psychedelic expertise, we have study numerous academic posts, and invested a lot of time talking about philosophy and human overall health.

Editorial Staff

Justin Cooke (Editor-In-Chief), Adrienne Koziol, Susana De Los Santos


Apr Taylor, Cedric Jackson, Dan Simms, Katrina Lubiano, Natalia Sarmiento, Phil Dubley, Sam Eskenazi

Editorial Integrity

Tripsitter is focused on producing information which fits the very best specifications of fairness, transparency and accuracy and genuineness. Our target is usually toentertain and educate, and inform our visitors.

We obtain our info from peer-examined scholastic study, true-lifestyle experience, and by consulting with issue-matter specialists.

Even though approved facts need no attribution, we establish sources of a lot less-than-certainly informative information generally in most situations.

We encouraged problems about problems that justify correction, in addition to suggestions for additional clarification.

Comments may be directed to


While we are powerful proponents of the application of psychedelics with regard to health, individual progress, and development – in no way does Tripsitter or perhaps the Tripsitter content team condone, neither agree of the usage of against the law materials.

Our internet site serves as a method to obtain info connected with using psychoactive elements for recovery as well as a method for damage-decline in those who intention to engage in psychedelics. However, we urge you to understand and abide by your local laws.

Bring About The Task

Consider donating through the link below if you’ve found value from the content here at Tripsitter. We are going to never have a paywall, and that we will by no means depend on marketers we never have confidence in to fund the venture. Our goal is always to continue to be openly available by all for years.

Any scale of the contribution is graciously acknowledged. These assets acquire lots of effort and time to produce.

If you’ve enjoyed the content here at Tripsitter but don’t want to donate, drop us a line through our contact form or sign up to our monthly newsletter.

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