Types of Dentures needed to be considered

by Carter Toni

When you think of getting dentures, the feeling can be both scary and exciting. They help in getting back your confidence and your beautiful smile. It will also help you in eating your favourite food. Some people may consider them as fake teeth that are messy and high maintenance but with time everything has been changed. They are now comfortable and natural-looking and are now permanently fixed that will never pop out from your mouth. For a patient whose few but not all teeth are missing, partial dentures are a good option. These dentures are substitutes connected to a plastic base that blends in with the gums. Any missing tooth in the mouth can be replaced with partial dentures. The cost varies from place to place. For instance,  the cost of dentures in Ontario is lower than in other places due to publicly funded dental care programs, a competitive dental industry, and a lower cost of living, so always look for the most affordable option and don’t overpay.

They are mainly of three types:

1. Cast metal partial dentures

It is the most common option as they are strong and may last up to many years. Some patients are concerned about the visibility of metal partial but rigid metal frame is covered by plastic to match the colour of gums. However, sometimes the clips that are used to convert the metal frame to your teeth may be visible when you talk but that depends totally on the location of your partials. Full or Partial Dentures Medford can be made from coloured materials to make them less noticeable.

These are best for the people with less budget and a good option for seniors as they are disciplined enough to take care of them. They can also be implanted very quickly.

2. Flexible partial dentures

Flexible dentures are known for their comfort and flexibility. These dentures are made with natural-looking nylon and are lightweight. These dentures are generally preferred by patients who are allergic to acrylic and cannot cope with wearing rigid cast metal partials. Another reason for its preference is its realistic appearance and less prone to stains.

3. Dental flippers

This denture is removable and can be pop in and out easily. This is a good temporary solution until a permanent solution has been taken. Removable Dentures Medford are very flexible but also break easily. It is also lightweight like flexible partial dentures. These flippers are of very less cost as compared to cast metal dentures. These are generally considered as placeholders unless the treatment is completed. They protect the teeth from shifting into the empty space.

Other options to be considered:

When missing teeth are adjacent, either a fixed or removable bridge can also be a good option.

There is also one more option: a lifelong solution that is a dental implant. In this treatment, roots and the crown are replaced, and it also reverses bone loss in the jaws. Rather than replacing an individual tooth with its own implant, it is economical and easier to implant support bridges and dentures to prevent bone loss.

Before replacing your missing teeth, just go through all the available options to pick up the best for yourself. Medford Dentist helps you in staying within your budget and if you like to know any further, make an appointment today and get the solution for all your queries

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