Types of ostomy

by Carter Toni

An ostomy is any surgery that requires a passage of waste or diseases from your organs through a hole in your stomach. Mostly, you’ll need an ostomy because of a medical condition you feel in either your small intestine or large intestine. There are three major types of ostomy – ileostomy, colostomy, and urostomy. The type of ostomy surgery you need will depend on the medical condition you’re trying to overcome. In this guide, we’ll take an in-depth look at the types of ostomy and their uses. Also, see this durable stoma protector.

What is a colostomy?

A colostomy is the type of ostomy surgery that deals with the large intestine or colon. The large intestine is the organ that decomposes undigested food into stools we pass through an anus. When there’s a problem, the colostomy surgery will have a portion of the large intestine out with an opening sewed to a piece of the abdomen. The part of the colon that the surgeon chooses depends on the type of colostomy they choose.

  • What are the types of colostomy?

The types of colostomy available are the loop colostomy and the end colostomy. For the loop colostomy, the surgeon makes a loop from the large intestine and sews an opening of the lip to the part of the stomach known as a stoma. For the end colostomy, the surgeon only has to sew one end of the colon to make an opening for excretion.

  • What’s the procedure for a colostomy?

To undergo a colostomy surgery, you must have already been put to sleep with solid anesthesia. After that, the surgeon can go through open surgery to open a large portion of your intestine to locate the colon. They can also try keyhole surgery to find the large intestine through minor cuts and a camera.

  • What’s an ileostomy?

An ileostomy is the most popular type of ostomy. It’s the type of ostomy surgery that has a connection with the small intestine. This part of the body helps with digestion, and when it malfunctions, there needs to be a bypassing. The ileostomy will have a part of the small intestine sewed to the opening, usually at the lower right part or all of the abdomen. Mostly, for an ileostomy, a part of the large intestine has been taken out, and a part of the small intestine has been bypassed.

  • What’s the procedure for an ileostomy?

The procedure for an ileostomy is very similar to that of a colostomy. There are also two types of ileostomy. The loop ileostomy will involve a loop of the ileum to the opening, while the end will include a lot of the small intestine. For each procedure, the surgeon will most likely use an open surgery with a large opening because you’re working on two organs.

  • What’s a urostomy?

A urostomy is the type of ostomy surgery that helps with urine excretion. The opening is in your abdomen and is connected to your small intestine after removing your bladder. There are two types of urostomy; the ileal conduit and the colonic conduit.

  • What’s the procedure for a urostomy?

The procedure of urostomy is to create a pipe for urine through either the small or large intestine. If you’re making the pipeline through the ileum of the small intestine, you’re using an ileal conduit, while if the channel is coming through the large intestine, you’re using the colonic conduit.

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