Consultant of Rick Scott Denied That He Ever Used Ice Penis As Alleged

by Carter Toni

Joshua Cooper, who is a political consultant of Rick Scott denied the allegation that he ever held an ice penis that was reported in certain sections of the press. According to Cooper, it is totally a false allegation and this malicious news is being spread just to malign his name.

The fact is that usually Cooper spends his free time as a barbecue chef. He was just throwing away a large piece of ice slab while he was cooking in a certain Memphis competition.

Accidentally, someone clicked his picture at the wrong moment from the wrong angle and then posted the photo online. According to Cooper, people are making a wrong interpretation of this online posting and relating it with sexual representation with the female mannequin.

Scott Cooper Miami Beach alleges that an accidentally taken photo is now making the rounds within Florida political circles ever since someone posted it online in May. Although the image has been deleted upon his request, however, a few political opponents of Scott in Tallahassee has started recirculating that picture once again to discredit him.

Joshua Cooper clarified that one of the barbecue teammates took the picture when he held the ice in his hand and was about to throw it away. However, at the angle, the photograph was taken looked funny and hence he posted it online in a light-hearted mood.

Joshua Cooper is a political consultant of a Florida Governor (since 2011) called Rick Scott, who is almost 70 years old.  He is now serving as Governor for the second term. It is his political opponents who are trying to malign Cooper by using that accidentally taken photograph that was posted online.

Rick Stott is a well-known businessman who served in the US Navy before going into business and then joined politics. He was a partner at the Dallas legal firm Johnson & Swanson.

During the late 1980s, he and two partners founded ‘Columbia Hospital Corporation,’ which merged later with certain ‘Hospital Corporation of America’ and formed ‘Columbia/HCA,’ which eventually became the largest private for-profit health care organization in the United States.

In 1995, he received the Silver Award as CEO of the Year awarded by ‘Financial World’ magazine, as well as the ‘Second Century Award for Excellence in Health Care’ awarded by the School of Nursing of Columbia University. Scott was named one of the Most Influential People in America by Time Magazine in June 1996.

While ‘Columbia/HCA’ was engulfed in turmoil in the late 1990s, Scott stepped down as CEO and went on to work as a venture capitalist.

During the year 2010, he announced his intention to run for Governor of Florida, and on November 2, 2010, he defeated Democrat Alex Sink when a close general election was held to succeed the existing Governor of Florida Charlie Crist and assumed the position as the new Governor. In the 2014 gubernatorial race, he ran against Crist and others for a second term.

Cooper has made a lot of money as one of the top political consultants of Governor Scott when he is not grilling meat. Republican groups and also PACs have paid him and his firm called, Strategic Information Consultants LLC, approximately an amount of $768,000 since 2012, according to Florida state records.

The political action committee of Scott contributed $517,000 to the cause.

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