Upcoming films: The Most Anticipated New Releases In 2022

by Glenn Maxwell

You’d be mistaken if you assumed 2022 had exhausted all of its best sci-fi films. With months left in the year, there’s plenty to get excited about for moviegoers, and some of the most awaited new movies 2022 are still yet to come.

While we’ve all appreciated discovering what “it’s morning time” implies and many of us have revered the breakout hit, Everything Everywhere At Once, our list of upcoming films shows that there are many more dates to mark on your calendars. Our list of the forthcoming sci-fi 2022 movies includes a mix of horror, humour, and superheroes, and they promise to check an abundance of sci-fi cliches that fans love.


Yes, new movies calendars are still plagued with pandemic delays, forcing some of these films to arrive later than expected. But they’re coming, and they’re packed with adventures ranging from alien encounters to hidden superhero shelters to returning MCU characters who have been in the works for years.

Nope is a science-fiction horror film directed by Jordan Peele (Get Out, Us). A secluded village in California serves as the scene for this story of strange and terrible incidents. The town’s occupants, including the owners of a nearby cattle ranch, bore witness to a mysterious force that influences both animal and human behaviour.

Prey, the fifth instalment and a brand-new prequel in the Predator franchise, is directed by Dan Trachtenberg of 10 Cloverfield Lane fame. This time, we’re going back 300 years to the Apache Nation, a Native American group, and concentrating on one of their members, in particular, Naru, a skilled female warrior (Amber Midthunder).

Secret Headquarters, directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman of Paranormal Activity 3 and 4, will be available exclusively on Paramount Plus. After discovering a hidden underground headquarters in the cellar of his family house, a little kid fears his estranged father may be a superhero leading a double life.

Samaritan, another young boy meets superhero story, tells the story of a boy who discovers a lost superhero of 20 years who may be right under his nose. Samaritan has been touted as a “dark, fresh twist on superhero movies,” but little else is known about with this former superhero turned garbage guy except that he’s played by Sylvester Stallone and that he’s ready for some big action sequences, as previewed in an extended look at the film at CinemaCon.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson debuts as the anti-hero Black Adam in the DC Extended Universe. It’s been a long time in coming, with Black Adam initially planned to arrive as the eponymous character’s archenemy in 2019’s Shazam! But who exactly is Black Adam?

Teth-Adam, a fighter from the fictitious Khandaq, is given authority by the Wizard Shazam as he finds a place for his powers to safeguard ancient Egypt.

Following the events of Avengers: Endgame, the sequel Wakanda Forever takes up the thread of the MCU following the events of Black Panther in 2018. Ryan Coogler wrote and directed it again, and several of the cast members reprise their roles from the Kingdom. With no recasting of T’Challa, played by Chadwick Boseman, who unfortunately died in 2020, no exact narrative to where the tale would go next has been revealed.

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