Without Having an IG Account, You Can Now Check Others IG Account

by Glenn Maxwell

Everyone these days is having their IG accounts i.e., Instagram accounts. One of the best things that you will know about being in Instagram is that you can share a lot of things on Instagram like from how you begin your day to how you end your day? And many more, like your pictures, or about your relationship and present things that you are into like going to office, work or house work and many more. Many people are there who don’t have an Instagram account. But again, the curious thing about these people is that they are interested in seeing other persons Instagram account and posts. 

view Instagram without account

Check IG Account of People – 

So, they want to view Instagram without account. But is it really possible to view someone’s IG account, without you having an account? Of course, yes. You can now view someone’s Instagram account without you having an account. It is very simple. But there are few things that you should know before switching to the account of that person or trying to see the account of that. The first and the foremost thing that is required is to know the Instagram website URL of that person or the i.e., called the account name of that person. 

Check through Username – 

You can now view Instagram anonymously, if you know the username of the person whose Instagram you want to see without them knowing. So, you can type www.instagram.com/[username]. This way you can see the profile of the person which you are trying to see. Also, this works with any public profile. The person whose account you have been seeing will not be able to see who checked their Instagram posts. They are only able to see who checked in to their stories. Besides all of that, you can also check the Instagram profile of other people without revealing yourself through Instagram viewer sites. 

What all Can You Check – 

These are the 3rd party tools which permits people to browse the Instagram profiles. You can view Instagram stories without account of other people and what it allows you to do is view publicly available profiles. Then you can even click on the bio-links, you can also see the total posts, followers and following too of the person whose profile you are watching without you having an account. Besides all of that, you can also view Instagram comments without account on the posts. In addition, you can also check the related accounts of the user. This way you can watch on other accounts without you having an IG account. 

Through Google News – 

There are many such Instagram viewers who don’t have an account and yet they can see the account and activities of others without they having any kind of account. Similarly, if you want to see some celebrities account then you can do the same. Also, you can check the Instagram accounts of other people if you type the proper address and username in Googles. Many times, you can watch the Instagram accounts of celebrities through google news and you can check their stories, likes and followers and so on.

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