Vikings Season 6: Ivar Or Alfred, Who Will Make It To The Top? This Theory Confirms It!

by Glenn Maxwell

alfred vikings season 6

Recall that, within the final instances of Season 6, Bjorn’s efforts to protect the Vestfold shoreline were destroyed with a surprise attack from his rival half-brother, Ivar the Boneless.

Within the latest trailer for that approaching other half of season six, he’s says Bjorn will in some way survive his injuries and retaliate with one further desperate attack of their own.

But, in the past interviews, series producer Michael Hirst also says Ivar’s risky journey will culminate with a few important moments through the sixth season.

“The truth is that we will learn much more about Ivar in season six. But we will see other facets of his character and stuff that we didn’t expect from him. I’m extremely pleased using the way his character deepens and changes. ”

This would mean that Ivar will be the someone to popularity from it all. Due to the fact Ivar in tangible existence was probably the most famous Vikings ever, despite the fact that Alfred and the sons wound up dominating everything.

The date from the last season of Vikings gets closer and closer, that will surprise all fans from the series.

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