Waste paper – what to do with it

by Carter Toni

Most of the waste generated by most companies is waste paper. This includes waste paper and cardboard. All this can be recycled and subsequently reused. This approach allows to reduce the harmful impact on the environment, on nature, and also helps to ensure that the price of some goods is much lower than the cost of similar products made directly from wood. Today, the waste paper collection business is developing, and this fact should be taken into account before throwing waste paper and cardboard into a landfill.

Do companies need to solve the issue of systematic disposal of waste paper? This question must only be answered in the affirmative. If ordinary people can quickly get rid of waste paper by simply throwing it away, then companies cannot do the same. As a rule, modern enterprises generate a lot of waste paper due to document flow. But all documents after the expiration of time require disposal. Often they are sent to a landfill or burned. But since the volumes are large, often old documents are stored in some rooms.

The reality is that only 5 or 7 percent of waste paper is sent for recycling, everything else takes up usable space. However, waste paper can become part of the business – it is a stable source of income. It is necessary to hand over secondary raw materials to companies that are engaged in processing. But it is very difficult to find an enterprise in your region that will ensure the constant removal of paper and cardboard waste. At the same time, looking for it abroad is a rather costly and complicated matter. What to do?

Waste brokers – the solution to the problem

Who are waste brokers? These are companies that are engaged in intermediary activities. They ensure the purchase and supply of paper as well as plastic waste, establishing logistics links. Their competence includes resolving issues of transportation of secondary raw materials across state borders, customs clearance of goods, and so on.

It is easier for a company whose work leads to the formation of large volumes of waste paper to contact a broker than to independently look for a buyer. The broker has an appropriate clientele, among which there are companies interested in the supply of secondary raw materials. Moreover, companies can be located far from the seller by geography. But this should not worry the seller in any way, because the main thing is that the issue of exporting waste paper and generating income from such activities is being resolved.

It is important to know that there are companies that are having trouble finding someone who can sell paper waste in the amount they want. And it is also more profitable for them to turn to paper waste brokers, since this approach contributes to solving the problem. Stable production is being established due to a clear periodicity in the supply of secondary raw materials. The business becomes profitable. It does not matter where the enterprise is located in terms of being in a particular state. The broker easily solves the issues of international transportation, since this moment is an integral part of his business activities. The seller, the buyer of recycled materials, as well as the broker himself – all of them make a significant contribution to the conservation of natural resources.

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